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Tren Krom
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Tren Krom was an eldritch abomination-esque entity who inhabited his own island in the Matoran Universe.


Tren Krom was created by the Great Beings and placed in Karda Nui to temporarily run the Matoran Universe while Mata Nui was still being created. When Mata Nui was finished and activated, Tren Krom was no longer needed, so the Great Beings removed him from Karda Nui and fused him to a cave in one of the southern islands of the Matoran Universe. Over the millennia, various beings encountered Tren Krom and spread tales of him across the universe. Though his island remained unnamed, it became known to navigators as "Tren Krom's island".

Makuta Grahmah was assigned to watch over the region of Tren Krom's island by the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta at the time, Teridax. She discovered Tren Krom during a search of the island, but was somehow able to converse with him without being driven insane. She became well-acquainted with the monster and formed a unique relationship with him that no other being had managed to achieve in the universe's history. It could even be said that the two were 'friends'.[1]

In 100,031 CMT, a Toa named Rabot pursued Grahmah to Tren Krom's island to apprehend her for crimes that she had committed elsewhere in the universe. Grahmah tricked him into venturing into Tren Krom's cave, so that he came face-to-face with the eldritch abomination and was driven insane by his monstrous and near-incomprehensible appearance. Rabot left the cave and somehow ended up as a mumbling shell of his former self, who was found on the island of Artakha later that year. Upon being notified of Rabot's presence, Artakha took the Toa in, cured him of his insanity, and told him that his affliction had been caused by an encounter with Tren Krom. Rabot swore revenge on Grahmah for driving him insane, but did not dare to take action against Tren Krom himself.[2]

Later, Rabot asked Komerak to join a Toa Team that he was in the process of assembling. Komerak agreed, but only if they did not travel further south than the Southern Continent on their adventures. Rabot agreed because he wanted to stay away from Tren Krom's island.[3]

Tren Krom's status following the deconstruction of the Matoran Universe is unknown.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Telepathy - Tren Krom was one of the most powerful telepaths in the Matoran Universe. He possessed extensive psionic abilities and could search through people's thoughts and memories with ease.
  • Insanity-Inducing Appearance - Tren Krom's appearance was said to be so nightmarish and incomprehensible to Matoran Universe inhabitants that simply laying eyes on him would drive them insane. This has been proven to be correct in most recorded encounters.


  • If User:Kon's memories are correct, he did not use Tren Krom as a character in the BZPB RPG. Instead, Tren Krom was added to the lore to explain the rivalry between Rabot and Grahmah when he first introduced the characters in 2008/2009.
  • Another BZPB character, Cthulhu, was inspired by Tren Krom. Or was it the other way around?


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