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Bara Magna
Two wide blades which could be used as a shield when put together (abandoned)
Home Reality

Tratus was an Agori who originally belonged to the Fire Tribe on Bara Magna.


Tratus was Tarnok's blocker in the arena matches. Once, while trading for armour with Berix, he encountered Qantus and was teleported to Roxtus.

While exploring the immediate vicinity, he was confronted by Kakamu's gaseous antidermis form, who commanded the Agori to fetch him a new body. Tratus was terrified and attempted to flee Roxtus, only to be attacked by Blackout. The Fire Agori was knocked out cold, and, in order to make sure that he would not interfere with his plans, Blackout tossed him through a portal which led to inter-dimensional space. He was later found there alive by the Fellowship of Kakamu during one of their many travels, who placed him in the Field of Shadows, which is ironically where Kakamu's mask and spear were also being stored. While there, Tratus was confronted by the owner of the realm, the Zivon.

Later it was revealed that, during his stay in the Field of Shadows, Tratus duplicated Kakamu's consciousness by combining the dark energy in the realm with DNA from his artefacts. It was launched out of the realm by the Zivon, along with Tratus.

Some time later, Blackout captured Tratus again, this time beaming him aboard Darkmount and forcing him to participate in the Battle of the Virtual Reality. During the battle he knocked Klak to the floor, and rescued Vorahk-Kah from the Recycle Bin when the virtual reality changed to resemble a Windows desktop. However, he was then thrown into MS Paint by the word "quite", and painted pink. V-K freed Tratus from Paint shortly after and started saving random words into a Word document. However, AVG started up, deemed V-K a virus, and sprayed him with liquid nitrogen while Tratus was locked in a .zip file. Luckily for him, Tratus managed to use his experience from the arena to survive until the battle's end, as he stole a Vrai ship and escaped from Darkmount when the virtual reality was destroyed.

He eventually found his way to the Mata Nui II along with lots of other people. There, he joined them in fighting Blackout's forces, as he recognized the Makuta as being a great danger, having experienced his power firsthand. When the battle was over, Tratus remained at the site, and used the weapons on his ship to fire at Ricochet when he appeared. Tratus met his demise shortly after, as he was promptly ripped apart by a cat.