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An old MOC of SMT by User:Kon
Toa of Ice
Kakamu (SMU) (father)
Home Reality

Trantoshen, also called SMT for short, is the Shattered Mirror Universe version of Trantoshen. Unlike his counterpart, he is a Toa of Ice. He is also quite amoral, always looking for ways to get ahead in life, without much regard for others. The only person he feels any attachment to is his father, Kakamu.



SMT first appeared when his minions captured the Original Universe's Trantoshen and brought him to him, supposedly to stop SM Ynot from conquering the Shattered Mirror Universe with a new superweapon. However, this was a trick to get Trantoshen to help him in his successful attempt to take over Destral. The two Trantoshens began fighting each other, but this fight was forgotten when SMY's forces attacked. Despite SMT's armies of Bohrok and Visorak/Rahkshi hybrids, SMY still managed to break into the fortress and attack Trantoshen. SMT then ended up being dragged into the path of a raging Tahtorak. He used a Komau to force the Tahtorak to attack the Zivon, but was crushed in the process and recovered by Spiriah.

Afterwards, SMT sat up and thanked Spiriah, but then something quite random happened: three people called Breakout, Blockade and Brawler from the Eternal Universe appeared and found Trantoshen to be in violation of something called the Universe-Travelling Restriction Act 1999, threw him in a portal, and disappeared.

Invasion through the Shattered Mirror II[edit]

After somehow escaping, SMT built the Shattered Mirror II and led an army of SMU inhabitants in an invasion of the Original Universe. He fought his OU counterpart, and demanded to know Kakamu's location. In something of a coincidence, he had invaded right in the middle of Kakamu's funeral. After SMT was floored, he ordered his army to attack the other Trantoshen. After the army was distracted by other people, the two Trantoshens kept on fighting each other until SMT blasted Trantoshen off him and led two warriors in killing anyone who wasn't from the SMU.

He survived the destruction of the battlefield, and returned to the SMU. He resurfaced around the time of the Battle of Omega Supreme, when he helped his father fight the Makuta Anima.

Far Future[edit]

SMU Trantoshen would have lived for many more millennia, and retired from the public eye around the time of F-Klak's rise. Soon after, the evil Toa made a deal with a group of alien mercenaries who would capture and sell slaves on his behalf, allowing him to live comfortably. Unfortunately, one of the slaves was a Skrall named Sal'e, who ended up joining the resistance movement against F-Klak. With her new friends, Sal'e returned to the SMU and killed Trantoshen in his home.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Elemental Powers[edit]

  • Ice Creation - SMT can create ice or freeze things using his hands.
  • Ice Control - SMT has complete control over all frozen liquids, and can cause them to levitate or form objects. However, he cannot control liquid that has yet to be frozen.
  • Ice Absorption - SMT can absorb certain amounts of ice into his body, which becomes stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Ice Nova Blast - If he had to, SMT could release all of his elemental energy in the form of an ice nova blast, which would be a freezing explosion large enough to devastate an area the size of a large city.

Mask Powers[edit]

  • Mind Control - SMT can gain control of the minds of people and animals by reaching out to them with his Kanohi Komau. However, if the target is stronger-willed than that of the user, they can more break free of the effect.