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Endless Sea's gang
In stasis aboard the Eclipse Spiral
Home Reality

Togariku is a Toa created by Endless Sea prior to his arrival in the OU. His element is unknown, but instead of using his natural elemental powers in combat he chooses to use magical crystals instead, as he is one of the Chosen Ones of the Five Empires Galaxy.


Togariku is an ally of Ouandis, and one of his succeeding sixteen Chosen Ones. He was summoned through a plothole by Endless to fight Nadle, Malygos and Ynot for his own entertainment upon entering the Multiverse. He activated a bunch of his magical crystals to power himself up, although he didn't actually do much apart from punch the three with earth pillars and create a light show... so he let Alaki take over.

After the conflict, he was teleported aboard the Eclipse Spiral with the others and was trapped there by Vok, who destroyed their portal and communications technology. With dwindling resources and no means of escape, Togariku and his allies put themselves in stasis, to be awakened if or when someone arrives to rescue them.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Togariku wears a Kanohi Vahi, a mask of Time. Seeing as the sole Vahi in existence had already been turned into the Vahi Cube, it is likely that Endless Sea created another Vahi for Togariku considering his powers as a User.

Togariku is covered in black armour with gold highlights, although these colours change depending on which of his crystals he activates. As he seems to be the leader of the sixteen Chosen Ones, he carries some of their crystals. These are the crystals that he has been seen using:

  • Crystal of Ouandis: Nuva Form - This crystal turns him into a Toa Nuva instead of a regular Toa.
  • Crystal of Quarsode: Seismic Blasthammer - This crystal grants him the Seismic Blasthammer for use.
  • Crystal of Bleziral: Earth Oversoul - This crystal changes his armour colour to earth-related tones and grants him temporary power over the earth element.
  • Crystal of Khalede: Telekinesis - This crystal temporarily gives him the power of telekinesis.
  • Crystal of Xaindel: Ninja Acrobatics - This crystal enables him to be extremely agile and acrobatic.
  • Crystal of Quarsode: Energy Beam Emplacements - Quarsode's second crystal enables him to temporarily create energy beams and orbs.
  • Crystal of Bleziral: Plantlife Oversoul - Bleziral's second crystal grants him the temporary power over plantlife when activated and changes the colour of his armour to plantlife tones.