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Toa Mahri
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Status Information
Disbanded (all members deceased)
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The Toa Mahri were a Toa Team from the Matoran Universe who tried, but failed, to prevent the death of Mata Nui.


The Toa Mahri were formed from six Matoran, including Jaller, who set out on a quest to find and use the Kanohi Ignika to save the life of Mata Nui in the absence of the Toa Nuva. In what seemed like an act of divine intervention, all six of them were transformed into Toa by lightning emanating from the Red Star, which seemingly cemented their destinies as the Toa who would save the universe. Their quest to recover the Ignika took them to the underwater city of Mahri Nui, where they met another colony of Matoran who named them the "Toa Mahri" due to their heroic efforts to protect the Matoran of Mahri Nui and beyond.

Elsewhere in the Matoran Universe, the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Blackout, had a different idea about how to "save" the Matoran. Rather than allow other groups like the Toa Mahri to attempt to prevent the death of Mata Nui, Blackout distributed persuasion particles across the universe to brainwash the Matoran into dismantling Mata Nui and rebuilding him into a fleet of warships and a giant city-ship named Darkmount instead. Once this task had been completed, Blackout set his eyes upon a neighboring world: Bara Magna. As part of his plan to conquer the planet, he formed a blockade around it with his fleet to prevent ships from other factions from entering and leaving.

The Toa Mahri, who had been cheated out of completing their destinies by Blackout, rededicated their lives to stopping his reign of terror. To this end, they hijacked the Cabana IV and used its subsonic vibration charges to destroy three of the warships in Blackout's blockade. Unfortunately, the Brotherhood's fleet responded by bombarding the Cabana with quantum resonance torpedoes, which destroyed it and killed the Toa on board.[1]


  1. The Cabana (revision on 20:11, May 05, 2009): "Ynot rebuilt [the Cabana] one final time for the final attack on Destral, making it the ultimate destroyer. It was captured by Blackout after the battle, only to be stolen by the Toa Mahri, who used it to destroy three of Blackout's warships with subsonic vibration charges. The fleet responded by bombarding the ship with quantum resonance torpedoes, destroying it completely and killing the Toa on board."

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