Toa Ignika II

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Toa Ignika II
Toa of Iron (Formerly),
Toa of Life
Matoran Universe
The Brotherhood of Makuta
Home Reality

Toa Ignika II was one of the original six Toa Yerta and the second Toa of Life. He had many adventures with the team before being the only one killed in the pool of energized protodermis that transformed the rest.


Ignika II had a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity, and could diffuse even the tense situations with his sense of humour. He wore a powerless mask and possessed all of the abilities that Toa Ignika did, though he used them only when necessary.


Ignika II was originally a lone Toa of Iron of a different name who was native to the Southern Continent of the Matoran Universe. One day, he set out by himself to claim the Mask of Life for an unknown reason. The Kanohi Calix he wore gave him an edge in defeating the Ignika's many guardians, and he was successful at the end of his quest to claim the mask. However, upon touching it, the Ignika stared into his soul and decided it did not want him to be its bearer. Because of this, the Ignika sent a ripple of energy through the Toa which destroyed his mind and transformed his body in order to imbue it with huge reserves of Life energy. Although he retained his grey colour scheme for the most part, his upper torso was turned a glowing yellow colour where the energy was held. The reason the Ignika did this to him was so that someone with the mind of an innocent child could travel the world and bring life back to war-torn areas, while the Ignika itself could still remain in its chamber, waiting for its destined wearer to come and claim it. Having forgotten everything but the name of the mask he once searched for, the newly created Toa Ignika (II) left the Chamber of Life and wandered the continent for years.

Abilities & Powers[edit]


  • Iron Creation - He could create iron using his sword or his hands.
  • Iron Control - He had complete control over all forms of metal, and could cause them to levitate or form objects.
  • Iron Absorption - He could absorb certain amounts of iron into his body, which became stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Iron Nova Blast - If he had to, he could have released all of his elemental energy in the form of an iron nova blast, which would have covered everything in the blast radius in a thick sheet of iron.


  • Life Creation - Ignika II could create life where there was none either through his sword or his hands.
    • Animation - Ignika II could use this power to create animated golems from whatever material was nearby. He would choose to make them unquestioningly loyal to him.
    • Resurrection - Ignika II could resurrect the recently deceased by imparting some of his own life force into their bodies.
  • Life Control - Ignika II had varying control over all forms of life, and could heal dying beings or induce sickness in them.
    • Healing - Ignika II had the ability to heal sick or dying forms of life, restoring them to peak health.
    • Sickness - When angry, Ignika II demonstrated the power to induce sickness in people by weakening their life force.
    • Age Control - Ignika II could increase or decrease the physical age of a target by resting his hands on them.
    • Evolution/Devolution - Ignika II could increase the evolutionary rate of targets, thus transforming them into advanced versions of themselves, or reverse their evolution to make them similar to that of their ancient progenitors.
  • Life Absorption - Ignika II had the power to absorb the life force of living things into his body, but he refrained from ever doing so.
  • Life Nova Blast - If he had to, Ignika II could have released all of his elemental energy in the form of a life nova blast, which would have either killed or brought everything to life in the blast radius.