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Toa Catastras
Toa Superion, former leader of the Catastras
Membership Information
  • Superion
  • Defensor
  • Devestator
  • Metroplex
  • Menasor
  • Trypticon
Status Information
Home Reality

The Toa Catastras was a short-lived Toa team that was created from a group of sentient cacti by Catalyx and tasked with destroying Naju.


  • Superion was the leader of the team, and was a Toa of Fire. He wore a Mask of Current, which allowed him to control the currents of objects (air currents, water currents, electric currents, etc.).
  • Trypticon was the Toa of Air. He wore a Mask of Understanding, which allowed him to find the true meaning behind every word.
  • Metroplex was the Toa of Steel. He wore a Mask of Traction, which allowed himself and targeted allies to stick to any surface, even upside down.
  • Menasor was the Toa of Water. He wore a Mask of Extreme Speed, which allowed him and targeted allies to run at immense speed.
  • Defensor was the Toa of Acid. He wore a Hau, Mask of Shielding.
  • Devestator was the Toa of Gravity. He wore a Mask of Negation, which allowed him to negate the effects of other masks.

Lonka was the Fusion of the Toa Catastras.


When Catalyx was thrown out of the Enterprise, he was pulled into Chenrotoss's orbit, and smashed into the desert not far away from a group of travelling cacti. When the cacti went to investigate, Catalyx's energy somehow turned them into Toa and gave them a misson: Destroy Naju.

After getting involved in a few fights, and dying a few times, the Toa Catastras fused to become Lonka, who fought against Metrotitan with Parkin. Lonka eventually turned into fudge and fused with Parkin; but Parkin separated back into the Toa Yerta before Lonka could separate itself, meaning that random parts of the Catastras' bodies are now stuck inside the bodies of the Yerta. The Catastras did not survive this.


  • For those not familiar with Transformers lore, the Toa Catastras were all named after Generation 1 Transformers characters. Their fusion, Lonka, is an exception, for he was named after a brand of fudge instead...
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