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Year 0[edit]

  • User Sarge arrives a few minutes before the beginning of the BZPB Multiverse, and witnesses something horrifying.
  • The Architect and the other Users create the Original Universe from many pre-existing universes for a then-unknown purpose. (It later turned out that it was meant to be a giant virtual game).

Year 75[edit]

Year 80[edit]

Year 200[edit]

  • The "Riders" unify their planet and begin setting out to conquer the stars.

Year 344[edit]

  • The First "Rider" Empire reaches its zenith.
  • The Council of the Great Beings' first decision to intervene in an affair outside of its purview is made: namely, to slowly decrease the strength of the Rider Empire.

Year 500[edit]

  • The First Vrai-Rider War begins.

Year 520[edit]

  • The First "Rider" Empire is severely weakened by the war, and withdraws its forces to its home galaxy. It spends the next 20,000 years restructuring itself and attempting to conquer its galactic cluster.

Year 610[edit]

  • Years of tensions between the Vrai and the Great Beings come to a head when the Vrai attack several Great Being outposts. The Vrai War is declared.

Year 625[edit]

Tales of the Vrai War
The False God of Chaos

Year 627[edit]

  • The Elite Makuta drive the Vrai out of the Matoran Universe, but not before they can release a virus on Stelt, which begins to slowly turn the inhabitants into Vrai.
    • Terohk tries to flee from the virus, but contracts it nonetheless and ends up marooned on an small, uncharted island.
  • With the MU campaign lost, the Vrai agree to a ceasefire, and the Great Beings and the Vrai sign a peace treaty officially ending the war. In the treaty, the two species agree to abandon any territories they had annexed, and create a demilitarised zone 100 light-years wide along their borders to be administered by a neutral party.
  • Starscream, Barricade, Brawl and Bonecrusher are placed in stasis pods. Blackout escapes this fate by joining the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • The Knights of the Blue Sky predict Blackout's future treachery, and make an unsuccessful attempt on his life.
  • The Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta is created, and manages to escape the confines of the MU to establish a base on another planet. It becomes a rogue sect, completely isolated from the main Brotherhood of Makuta.

Year 5023[edit]

  • Komerak and his original Toa Team is created from scratch by the Great Beings for an unknown purpose.

Year 20,000[edit]

Year 20,520[edit]

  • The "Riders" finish the conquest of their cluster, and are once more powerful enough to take on the universe. They begin to slowly conquer Vrai and non-Vrai territories in space. The Second "Rider" Empire is born.

Year 20,576[edit]

  • Kakamu and Natero are created by the Kestora to be two of the Matoran of Metru Nui. Kakamu becomes a welder in Ta-Metru.

Year 20,580[edit]

  • The Matoran Civil War occurs, which Kakamu is drafted into on the side of the Ta-Matoran. One day while fighting in Ga-Metru, the protodermis banks are flooded and he is swept out to sea, somehow transforming into a Toa before washing up on Daxia. Disorientated and with no wish to return to the war, he joins the Order of Mata Nui.
  • The Second "Rider"-Vrai War is officially declared. No clear victor will be in sight for the next 13,000 years as much of the universe burns.

Year 20,980[edit]

Year 30,075[edit]

  • Malygos commits an unknown crime against the nobles of the world, and is placed in the Pit by Zev Raregroove.

Year 33,075[edit]

Year 33,105[edit]

  • Blackout gathers a group of Rahkshi and leads an attack on the Pit, the location of which he previously learnt from the Order database he discovered 30 years earlier, kills the jailer, and escapes with several prisoners, including Malygos.

Year 33,110[edit]

Year 33,580[edit]

  • The Arcturus core technology is invented by Makuta Treyiah. Two prototypes are placed on Treyiah's ship in order to power it. They eventually aid in his demise, and are much later used to power the Thunder Arrow, Nemesis, Airship One, and eventually Darkmount.
  • The Vrai, with aid from the Great Beings and other forces, are able to gain the upper hand against the Second "Rider" Empire.

Year 34,080[edit]

  • Blackout finds out that Treyiah has been attempting to discover information about his plan, and kills him by tossing him into one of the Arcturus cores on board his ship.
  • The Second "Rider" Empire is extinguished, and many planets are liberated. They either align themselves with the Great Beings, become subjects of the Vrai, or form their own governments.

Year 40,080[edit]

  • Kakamu joins the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • The events of BZPower Battles: Peace for our time take place.

Year 41,080[edit]

Year 50,080[edit]

Year 68,060[edit]

Year 90,080[edit]

  • Blackout becomes Teridax's second-in-command.
  • Makuta Katawa begins his illegal experiments, and creates the Bount. Teridax orders Blackout to execute him, but in reality, Blackout simply drives the scientist to the point of near-death, and uses him as a source of energy for his secret lab.
  • The Bount are exiled to Earth.

Year 98,580[edit]

  • Makuta Ynot becomes the first known Makuta to leave Aqua Magna single-handedly. He spends the next one thousand years in another dimension, studying the universe. While there, he discovers many things.
  • Coincidentally, Caiaphus arrives at the same dimension in this year. He brutally murders a guard, and discovers the truth about his past and his destiny.

Year 99,080[edit]

Year 99,580[edit]

Year 100,031[edit]

  • Makuta Grahmah lures a Toa named Rabot into Tren Krom's cave, turning him insane. Rabot's insanity is later cured by Artakha in exchange for a favor to be cashed in at a later date.

Year 100,060[edit]

Year 100,079[edit]

(Note: The events of these six months were erased due to Blackout's use of the Vahi Cube.)

  • Icarax is assassinated at Blackout's order.
  • The Five Kings Treaty is signed, dividing up the universe between Blackout, Malygos, Duke Hydraxis, and two other kings, and preventing Blackout from proceeding any further with his plan.
  • The human scientist Monarch attempts to create an army to conquer the universe by kidnapping super-powered beings. When he captures Kakamu, Blackout hunts him down and kills him.
  • Blackout hires the ex-Dark Hunter Voporak to steal the Kanohi Vahi, Mask of Time. Kakamu, unaware of the identity of Voporak's employer, tries to stop him, but is stopped by Blackout revealing himself. Blackout creates the Vahi Cube.
  • The Icarus satellite weapon is created. Malygos immediately attempts to sabotage it.
  • The Fallen tries to free himself from his dimensional prison with the help of fellow Heralds of Unicron Xintun and Xaaron. He succeeds in doing so, but Ynot destroys his body soon thereafter.
  • The Toa-Skakdi war is instigated by Kakamu, at Malygos' request.
  • Blackout uses the Vahi Cube to rewind time by six months.

Year 100,080[edit]

  • Blackout swiftly takes over the Matoran Universe, and brainwashes the Matoran into building Darkmount.
  • Blackout contacts Le Chiffre's tribe of Agori and Glatorian, and offers to help them get revenge for their persecution at the hands of the other Bara Magna tribes.
  • Le Chiffre, having obtained weapons from Blackout and Minuteman, begins to prepare for war.
  • The Icarus satellite weapon is rebuilt.
  • Earth and Bara Magna are destroyed using unstable hadrium, and two and a half billion people on Coridan VI are killed when Darkmount attacks it.
  • The few remaining Makuta remaining loyal to Icarax are eliminated, leaving Blackout as the undisputed leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • The Battle of Impel Down occurs, and Blackout and his entire fleet are trapped in the Muta-Gaath Nebula by a Goa'uld core bomb.
  • Caiaphus kills SM Klak, and is chased by SM Tahar'ok for 40,000 years, then returns to the main universe to Krustallos, where he reunites with Nadle and his Shadow Toa army.
  • Ynot leaves the Makuta Anima and spends 50,000 years afloat.

Year 135,057[edit]

  • Kakamu saves Darmaq-Sah's home planet (the planet of the Myrizians) from destruction. Because of this, its people honor Kakamu in their everyday lives for thousands of years.

Year 145,297[edit]

  • The natural form of the spirit that would eventually possess Ursakune is born.

Year 149,454[edit]

Year 149,780[edit]

  • The Apprentices attack a Blackout loyalist base. Their numbers are decimated, leaving a select few. Reformation, and Caiaphus's physical return follow.

Year 149,868[edit]

Year 149,882[edit]

Year 149,917[edit]

  • Yon is born to his parents on Teruga Prime. Strangely, he is an only child.

Year 149,933[edit]

Year 149,936[edit]

Year 149,967[edit]

Year 149,977[edit]

Year 149,980[edit]

  • The Agrippa form an alliance with the Vassila. The Agrippa give the Vassila desperately needed food, and in return they give them drones to help build their houses.
  • Kensa, Jarvis and Etende appear in the middle of their home planet's desert as a result of a teleportation accident. From there, they begin a journey with Jubei that would change them forever.

Year 150,003[edit]

  • Human forces ravage the planet of Archon-7 with nuclear bombs, clearing the landscape with the intention of repopulating the planet in their own image.

Year 150,004[edit]

Year 150,012[edit]

  • Most of the magically-attuned dragons in the universe vanish without a trace. One of them, Metalicana, leaves behind an adopted son, Gazille Redfox. Gazille spends at least the next 70 years of his life searching for him.

Year 150,032[edit]

  • In the Dark Mirror Universe, Mazkertis hatches a plot to steal the Keruvim in order to power a spell that would rewrite history for a cryptic purpose. Recognizing the danger of this, the Knights of the Keruvim and Knights of the Great Beings task D-Klak with stopping him. D-Klak unites a group of warriors from both his home universe and other realities, one of which is Zev Raregroove, to take on Mazkertis and protect the Keruvim. Mazkertis's vocal chords are damaged during the battle and he loses the ability to speak. Mazkertis is defeated and captured by the Knights of the Great Beings.

Year 150,033[edit]

  • Mazkertis is brought before a tribunal formed by the Great Beings, who put him on trial for his crimes. Mazkertis is labelled a Class-X Offender (one who is extremely dangerous and attempts to change reality), and sentenced to indefinite imprisonment in a nether cell in the interdimensional space between the Original Universe and the Dark Mirror Universe. Mazkertis vows that, once he escapes, he will get revenge on D-Klak and Zev by rewriting the timelines of both universes to exclude them, effectively erasing them from history.

Year 150,036[edit]

Year 150,047[edit]

Year 150,051[edit]

Year 150,056[edit]

(1987 AD on this particular Earth.)

Year 150,057[edit]

Year 150,063[edit]

Year 150,064[edit]

Year 150,066[edit]

Year 150,067[edit]

Year 150,068[edit]

(1999 AD on this particular Earth.)

  • The founder and leader of ZFT, William Bell, disappears under mysterious circumstances, allowing David Robert Jones to take his place.
  • At exactly 9:09 am on September 9, Daft Punk's sampler explodes, rendering them unconscious and somehow transforming them into robots in their sleep.

Year 150,070[edit]

  • The TSS Bouncy-Ball is launched to explore the Milky Way galaxy. It continues its mission for fourteen years before returning to Teruga Prime.

Year 150,072[edit]

  • Gransurg Blackmore meets a mysterious character named Omaha in the flowery meadows of an unknown planet. After a short conversation, Omaha "falls asleep".

Year 150,077[edit]

Year 150,080[edit]

Year 150,081[edit]

  • Blackout and his armies cross over into the Internet Dimension, specifically, BZPower. They destroy a lot of stuff, heavily wound the Architect, and run away from Unicron.
  • Unicron and Primus have a huge fight.
  • The Apprentices of Caiaphus have dwindled to minuscule numbers and Caiaphus is feared dead. The original AoC is later disbanded.
  • Blackout activates the Chamber of Secrets, and uses it to destroy Unicron and drain his powers.
  • F-Klak reveals himself to Klak at some point in this year.
  • Using his new Unicron powers and a gigantic body built from Darkmount parts, Blackout attempts yet again to destroy the Architect and lay claim to the Keruvim, but is stopped when Kakamu sacrifices himself to destroy his new body.
The Uterio War
  • Uterio di Armechio convinces Angonce and most of the Council of the Great Beings to declare war on the universe.

Year 150,082[edit]

New World Order
  • The New World Order Arc begins, showing the rise of Ultron, the ZFT, MECH, HYDRA, and the return of Caiaphus and Rahn.
  • User Sarge messes with his powers and goes back in time. He then returns to his own time, and begins his adventures around the multiverse, discovering more about the history behind BZPB.

Year 150,083[edit]

  • The ZFT attacks Cold Ground. During the battle, Blackout is possessed by an unknown force, which leads him to surrender to Malchiorian forces before going dormant.
  • Blackout is imprisoned on Malchior IV. Brotherhood forces attack the prison and free him, but are then forced to merge into a monolithic titan under TPK's control. The titan attempts to kill Blackout, but is destroyed. The overlord disappears, and the Makuta are imprisoned on an asteroid near Malchior.
  • The Platinum Lantern Corp is formed.

Year 150,084[edit]

  • By using Iris as a conduit, Malygos briefly absorbs all of the magical energy in the universe. He announces his achievement to the entire universe, causing many heroes to gather to stop him.
  • The Dong Squad travels to Meme World in search of The Mask.
  • Malygos's magical ascension is reverted by the Users. This happens during the wizard's battle with Shattered Mirror Ynot, causing Malygos to think that SMY is to blame for his descent.
The Mazkertis Paradox (arc)
  • Figlio di Armechio frees Mazkertis from his prison, and the wizard begins to exact his revenge upon the prime universe. The recently formed Claws of the Phoenix attempt to stop his rampage, but he escapes from their trap unharmed.
  • The TrSBoM go to Ailyb-Gypte to spy on Blackout and secure an alliance with Ra. However, Kulnak is captured and forced to reveal the location of the TrSBoM's base. The Brotherhood of Makuta launch an assault on Stelta-Stal soon after. The TrSBoM's army is obliterated and Starok is captured by the BoM. Without Starok's leadership, the organization ceases to exist.
  • Boltman awakens and encounters the YONBOTs. Realizing they share the same goal, Boltman and the YONBOTs embark on a quest to remove all anime characters from BZPB. Their first victims are Watchdog-man and the crew of the Good Ship Sugarboat.
  • Many seemingly-random characters are captured by DU Monarch and trapped inside the UG, including Kakamu, Kulnak and Muta.
The Mazkertis Paradox (story)
See The Mazkertis Paradox timeline

Year 150,089[edit]

Year 150,099[edit]

  • (2029 AD in this particular Earth) Rainn Sulrai retires to Task City, Arkansas, US. He eventually decides to start a private detective agency on his own, but realizes that he'll need all the help he can get. He places an ad out, and attracts the attention of several eccentric characters. The events of Mysteries Unlimited take place.

Year 253,074[edit]

  • The events of BZPB: Future, also known as the FRPG and FROG, take place.