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Tianghu was a Time Guardian who wielded the element of fire.


Meeting with Quolas[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, Tianghu met with fellow Time Guardians Squann and Vexull outside a café on Nauru to discuss recent developments regarding the timeline of the universe. Tianghu asked Squann and Vexull if either of them had had any contact with Quolas since their last meeting, but neither had. The three Time Guardians then proceeded into the café and sat around a table, deciding to wait for Quolas there.[1]

Moments later, Tianghu sensed through his telepathic connection with Quolas that someone or something had manipulated time to restore a member of TMV's family, TTT, to existence; a fact which greatly concerned Tianghu.[2] Tianghu asked Squann and Vexull if they should investigate this temporal anomaly together, but Squann replied that the matter was better left to Quolas, even if his methods typically took a while to produce results.[3]

Tianghu, Squann, and Vexull were still in the café when Quolas arrived via a spatial tear. Tianghu asked Quolas how his search for Klak was going, to which Quolas replied "Not well", which prompted Vexull to joke that Quolas may have to wait for Klak to cause another temporal breach before Quolas could successfully track him.[4] As the gathered Time Guardians prepared to discuss more pressing matters, Malygos activated the Ascension Machine, absorbing all the ambient magic in the universe and greatly accelerating the natural course of events. Quolas decided to leave to follow this newfound temporal trail, bidding farewell to Tianghu, Squann, and Vexull as he departed.[5]

Duel with Ascheron[edit]

Later that year, Tianghu, Squann, and Vexull travelled through a spatial tear to the bridge of the Assault Shadow to warn Gabriel Ascheron that his unsanctioned entry into Guf and his theft of the Fruit of Knowledge endangered the established timeline of the Republic of Luria and would have to be rectified.[6] Ascheron, seeing himself as the sole determiner of the Republic's future, took offence to the Time Guardians' statement and declared that whoever was stronger between them would decide the fate of his empire.[7] Ascheron then outplayed the Time Guardians by using their own element against them in the form of a time-weaving Prominence technique that sliced Vexull to ribbons before any of them could react.[8] Shocked, Tianghu channelled a continuous stream of fire through his sword at Ascheron while Squann fired electrical attacks around the bridge.[9] Ascheron responded by directing Prominence energy back through Tianghu's stream that exploded in his face and slammed him against the wall of the bridge. Before Tianghu could regain his balance, Ascheron impaled him several times with Prominence blades and kicked him into a wall, leaving Tianghu for dead while he walked over to Squann and completely annihilated him with another Prominence technique.[10] However, Tianghu refused to admit defeat and rose to his feet once more, discarding his now-tattered robes.[11]

In a last-ditch attempt to defeat Ascheron, Tianghu released some of the temporal energies that were contained within his chest, slowing the passage of time aboard the Assault Shadow to around half the normal rate. Tianghu retrieved his sword, ignited it with flame, and hurled it at Ascheron like a spear that cut through the fabric of time itself,[11] impacting the mad dictator directly in his chest. However, just as it seemed that the battle had been won, Ascheron revealed that Prominence energy propagated at the speed of light, making him the fastest man in the room regardless of Tianghu's attempt to regain control of time. Ascheron then released an explosion of Prominence energy that returned the flow of time to its usual rate and blasted Tianghu into a wall. As Tianghu regained his footing, Ascheron ran up to meet the battered monk and touched his Prominence-charged fingers to Tianghu's forehead, infusing him with a lethal amount of Prominence energy. Tianghu could do nothing as the Prominence energy annihilated his physical form and dispersed what remained of his internal energies, effectively killing him.[12]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Fire Generation: The elemental power that was bestowed upon Tianghu upon his induction into the Sha'lythe Sect was Fire, enabling him to create intense blasts of fire that could be channelled through his sword.
  • Dimensional Slicing: Using his sword, Tianghu could create portals to other locations in time and space by "tearing" reality. He could also use it to seal tears created by himself and others.
  • Communal Telepathy: Tianghu could telepathically communicate with any other Time Guardian or Living Star across space and time. However, he could not use this to locate them.
  • Temporal Awareness: Tianghu could instantly detect any attempts made to alter the time stream, no matter when or where these attempts took place.
  • Temporal Manipulation: Tianghu had the power to create future alternate timelines by manipulating events in the past, but he, like all Time Guardians, was forbidden from doing so without approval from several Living Stars.


  • Tianghu was never named 'on-screen', only being referred to as the 'red-hooded figure' and variations thereof. User:Kon named him with the creation of this wiki page on October 27th, 2018.