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The Galactic Government (G.G.) rule a significant portion of the known universe with a fair lack of bias and general knowledge of what the people need. However, and that's a big however, the G.G. are far from unopposed.

The Revolutionary Army, often referred to simply as the Revolutionaries, are the biggest threat to the Galactic Government. They are lead by Dragon, the head with the highest bounty current or former, a warrior on par with the legendary Space Marines Vice-Admiral Garp (Who is his father) and Fleet Admiral Sengoku, the man who has caused the fall of uncountable governments and the rise of uncountable more.


Leader (Official): Dragon D., "The Revolutionary Dragon", "The Worst Criminal in the Universe"

Other Members of Note: Emporio Ivankov, King/Queen of the Kamabakka Kingdom

Generally, members of the Revolutionary Army can find no respite with others. They are driven by past grievances, by a feeling that their rulers have wronged them, or simply by pure anarchistic beliefs. They will generally have nothing left to lose, and will die for their leader. Squad commanders lead by example, never subjecting their subordinates to ordeals they would not undergo themselves. If the leader does not earn the squad's respect, then their chain of command quickly falls apart - with particularly violent results.

Protocols and Strategies[edit]

The Revolutionary Army are cunning, cruel, and ruthlessly efficient. They strike at poorly-protected centers of information, they demolish ports which supply G.G. armies, they convince, coerce, or bribe weapons developers to give them armaments meant for soldiers - they're old hands at the business of war. Their most effective weapon, however, is recruitment. They sow seeds of doubt in the Government, turn skilled fighters against the G.G., and use specialist squads to train an entire town into a functioning combat unit.


  • The Revolutionaries haven't done much in the plot, go figure.