The Prior

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The Prior
Home Reality

The Prior was a Turaga who lived on the Mata Nui II and reported to Blackout.


The Prior reported to Blackout that the Conduit had been repaired after Naju had messed with it. Blackout then turned him into a "Prior", making him the height of an average Toa, changing his colours to black and silver, and giving him fire and telekinesis powers.

He was then teleported to a planet where Ynot was fighting Ynohtna, and set Ka-Oni-Santsu on fire. Ynot demanded to know who the Prior was, and the Prior responded by making Ka-Oni-Santsu fly out of Ynot's hand and telling him he was an emissary of Blackout. Ynot then retrieved his weapon and correctly guessed that the Prior was a messenger. The Prior then continued to play tug-of-war with Ka-Oni-Santsu as the rope while telling Ynot he should rejoin the Brotherhood of Makuta. He then re-sheathed Ka-Oni-Santsu, and disappeared. Blackout then killed him.