The Imposter

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The Imposter
Formal Name
Home Reality

"The Imposter" was a scientist who worked for the Order of Mata Nui. He is one of those responsible for creating Masaharu.


The Great Beings, impressed with the Imposter's work in his laboratory on Daxia, decided to take him to Lotcas to assist the Kestora with their experiments on the Chenyromas. The Imposter's colleague, Kakamu, became attached to one of the experiments, Masaharu, and decided to smuggle him to Chenrotoss. The Imposter quickly discovered Kakamu's treachery and pursued them to Chenrotoss, but was defeated by Micros, Masaharu's new friend on the planet. His ship was also destroyed in the battle, leaving him stranded there.

The Imposter remained on Chenrotoss, wounded but alive. At least 60,000 years later, the Imposter found Micros and Masaharu again. He taunted Masaharu by calling him "Project 065" and told them that he would reveal himself. However, before he could, Micros fired an energy beam as big as the White House at the Imposter, sending him flying into the horizon, ragdoll-physics style. What happened to him after that is unknown, though it is safe to assume that if the energy beam didn't kill him, the destruction of the planet soon after certainly did.


  • "well, well, well... lookie here... tut tut tut, well... what have you done to yourself Project 065?"