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The Hand appears to be a dismembered human hand, with a greyish skin tone and a cut on the palm. Despite its appearance, it is in fact sentient, and can scuttle along at remarkably high speeds using its fingers, as well as propel itself off the ground.

It was first seen attempting to grope Belldandy back in the good ol' days. She whacked it off, shouted accusatory comments and escaped with her innocence intact... (barely)

Somehow, it has travelled across the multiverse, and continues to do so to this day, as it has been seen in a variety of unusual locations, including the fresh prince of fresh fruit's house and Merasmus' mansion on the Stouttish Islands. When BONES arrived on the islands looking for recruits to draft into Yon's Dong Squad, the Hand was found at McYonalds, and joined the team.

It accompanied the rest of the squad to Teruga Prime, on their mission to kill Vok and claim his Travel Glove. During the invasion of Ipomal's prison, See-Man threw the Hand at some of the guards to incapacitate them as it saw fit.