Guy Who Was Engulfed In Milk (OU)

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The Guy Who Was Engulfed In Milk
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The Guy Who Was Engulfed In Milk was, well, you can guess how he got his name. This happened while he was running down a street on Tybion screaming when faced with Vorahk-Kah's nebula form. At some point in time after that, he began to mutate and his body began to produce copious amounts of milk of its own, which could be shot out of his hands. He is now a member of the Wang Gang.


Later, he appeared on Ricochet's ship with some other insignificant people like the Happy Person and Alex. He attacked Blackout, but his milk was sucked into a black hole. He and Rhanu then started spraying milk at everyone around them.

Much later, he somehow got a scythe and appeared on a planet where D-Klak, Abneris and Nadle were, where he punched D-Klak in the face. D-Klak then asked him if he wanted to kill him, but the Guy said that he wanted to kill Ta'harok (SMU), the one who brought about his end. However, DK revealed to him that Ta'harok was dead. The Guy was not happy, and started fighting the three. The three then went to a supermarket, stole a bottle of milk, and threw it at the Guy, engulfing him again.

He was then summoned back from apparently being dead and appeared in a tournament of the dead. He made a pact with the Happy Person so that the HP could get his happiness back, and the Guy could get his milk powers back. He fought some crabs, then Shattered Mirror Ynot.

He was chosen by the Orb of Summoning to participate in the Battle of Mordor. During the battle, he was thrown on the viewscreen of Jarvis's mech. He climbed up, and drowned him by breaching the cockpit with his milk. After the battle he hid under a destroyed HF robot, realising the horror of what he had done.

A year after the war, he was back at his home on Tybion, relaxing and making an omelette. A flyer advertising Kartouche's upcoming tour was posted through his letterbox, and he expressed interest in going.

He set up a milk booth at the concert venue shortly before the main performance started, and began selling milk that he had secretly produced using his powers. He was reunited with Kranxx, who was grossed out that he was selling his own milk. The Guy warned him not to tell anyone, as he "had to make a living somehow". When an army of Ta'har attacked the crowd at the end of the concert, the Guy was one of those who escaped onto Hungry-man's giant flying log cabin. He saved Bill Wilson's life by blasting some Ta'har off of him with a pressurized jet of milk in the Battle of the Log Cabin, and later became one of the founding members of the Wang Gang after the cabin crashed on Meme World.


  • "I just want my life back, on Tybion, before the huge metal man came and infected me with this! Well now I'm going to take away YOURS!"

- Said to Jarvis right before killing him.


  • The Guy is often considered to be the funniest Extremely Insignificant Character. This has led to numerous appearances by him, which means he is no longer insignificant.