Fresh Prince of Fresh Fruit

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The fresh prince of fresh fruit
A sword with a banana hilt
Home Reality

The fresh prince of fresh fruit is a fruity warrior originating from the Stouttish Islands. In recent days, he has joined the Wang Gang.


In his early life, TFPOFF often travelled to Linkit to eat ice creams with his good friend Kartouche.

In TFPOFF's earliest known appearance in the BZPB RPG, he tried to form an alliance with Ynot for an unknown reason, but was ignored.

Later, SMU Ta'harok summoned the prince during his coup d'etat against SMU Kakamu, and ordered him to attack. He did, but was then attacked by SMK, Ynot and Klak. In the end, SMK impaled him multiple times.

Much later, after recovering from his severe injuries, TFPOFF was sent home to the Stouttish Islands. While returning from a visit to a fruit shop one day, he opened the door of his house to find See-Man, Pootisman, Yon, and Dr. Hax sitting at the table. This caused him to drop his watermelons. Quite literally.

He was later spotted in the crowd at Kartouche's concert, where he overheard Goldenn Flame talk about a plan by the Users to exile the joke characters to their own universe. He dropped a banana peel in surprise, which Hungry-man then slipped on. When the Ta'har attacked the concert, he escaped onto Hungry-man's giant flying log cabin, and was caught up in the ensuing battle aboard the vehicle. Fortunately, he survived its subsequent crash Meme World, and helped the survivors establish a temporary camp while they searched for a way home. Eventually, the Ayy-Lmaliums provided such an escape by recruiting for the Wang Gang, a proposed new strike team for the Cooperative with the purpose of retrieving powerful artifacts for its leader, Lord Zrintch.