Drunken Ferret

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The Drunken Ferret was a several-story tall spaceship built for K'theenya by Ynot while they were staying at Shinobi-Nui, because he was bored. Shaern was unimpressed by Ynot showing off however, and trapped him in a vision with her Bastard Sword. K'theenya suggested that the two of them take it for a spin, and were joined by Sonia. Climbing on board, K'theenya grabbed a bottle of booze from the cabinet and gave the ship its name while busting the bottle open. After that, the three of them managed to pilot the ship up and out of the planet's atmosphere despite their wobbly flying skills.

During its maiden voyage, they bumped into Osseron in the Dark Ripple. Osseron apologised for his clumsy driving, apparently not noticing the state of which the other ship was in anyway, and sent an energy ripple over to the Drunken Ferret to recharge their shields. K'theenya thanked him, and they continued on their journey, eventually landing on Hreckra II. Once they landed, they were confronted with some zombies which they destroyed, and fiddled with the controls on a nearby piece of machinery. This machinery turned out to belong to Ferret's power plant and was what was keeping the planet's core stable. Ferret was enraged, and was forced to evacuate the planet aboard the Drunken Ferret to escape alive.

After that, lots of shenanigans happened, and by that I mean a lot. The Drunken Ferret was eventually abandoned on the planet of Lemuro.