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The Cabana is the name of several spaceships used by the Makuta Anima. Following the 50,000 year leap, the latest version of the Cabana was replaced by the Wigwam.


The Cabana[edit]

The Cabana was originally just a small shack on Shinobi-Nui with a large vault containing Makuta Ynot's spoils of war. This was the main base of operations, and the basic hang out/hideaway of the Makuta Anima.

Though originally its location was kept secret, known only to the Anima, eventually all of Ynot's friends and foes knew where his hide away was. Once Ynot realized this, he decided to update his little shack into something better suited to his needs, which is to say, he built a flying coliseum with state-of-the-art defense systems and dubbed it the Cabana II.

The Cabana II[edit]

Ynot hosted a large tournament inside the Cabana II, though this was cancelled due to other events. After Makuta Blackout sent Ynot back in time six months, the other five Anima used the Cabana II to go to the Knowledge Dimension, a dimension with no time, to meet him again, but the Cabana II was destroyed upon entering the dimension. During their wait for Ynot, the Anima reconstructed the Cabana II, doing away with its bulky Coliseum design, updating it to a slimmer, sleeker ship form, dubbing it the Cabana III.

The Cabana III[edit]

The Cabana III was Ynot's mode of transportation during the time he was preparing for what he thought would be his final battle against Blackout. The Cabana III was destroyed by Blackout while Ynot was in Karzahni sparring with Silver-Silver.

The Cabana IV[edit]

Ynot rebuilt the Cabana one final time for the final attack on Destral, making it the ultimate destroyer. It was captured by Blackout after the battle, only to be stolen by the Toa Mahri, who used it to destroy three of Blackout's warships with subsonic vibration charges. The fleet responded by bombarding the ship with quantum resonance torpedoes, destroying it completely and killing the Toa on board.

The Cabana Omega[edit]

Ynot and the Anima received the last form of the Cabana, The Cabana Omega, from an alternate universe Ynot who claimed to have an even more powerful ship in his universe.

The Cabana Omega is currently on Coreli rusting and decaying after 50,000 years of use. It was replaced by the Wigwam.


  • Since Blackout sent Ynot back in time, before The Cabana was rebuilt, the original Shack still stands on Shinobi-Nui.