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Tesara is the home of the Jungle Tribe on Bara Magna.


Tesara was originally part of the Bara Magna region of Spherus Magna. When the Core War struck, the Jungle Tribe established Tesara as a minor outpost.[1]

In 80 CMT, Spherus Magna split into three planetoids: Aqua Magna, Bara Magna, and Bota Magna. This event became known as the Shattering. Most of the Jungle Tribe were in their home region of Bota Magna at the time of the Shattering, meaning that they found little difficulty adjusting to their new situation, but those who were not were forced to find shelter in the outpost of Tesara. Because Tesara was located in the only forested region within travelling distance on Bara Magna, the stranded remnants of the Jungle Tribe converted it into a village that was split into two columns, earning it the nickname of the "Twin Village".[1]

In 100,080 CMT, Silver-Silver became an ally of the Jungle Tribe, which remained based in Tesara at that time.[2] Later that year, Tesara was destroyed along with every other location on Bara Magna when Makuta Blackout teleported a large quantity of unstable hadrium into the planet's core, but Tesara was recreated along with the rest of the planet by Yon and the Architect in 150,080 CMT.[3]


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