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This article is about the Takemikazuchi battleship. For other meanings of the word, see Terminus (disambiguation).

The Terminus is a Takemikazuchi battleship that was damaged by John Shepard.


In 150,084 CMT, Takemikazuchi Emperor Sefer Yetzirah commissioned an experiment to recover and contain the consciousness of John Shepard in a laboratory on the Takemikazuchi vessel Covenant. In case Shepard's consciousness escaped containment and began to influence the crew and/or ship, two other Takemikazuchi vessels, the Terminus and the Dominion, were instructed to monitor the activities of the Covenant from a 30 kilometer distance and open fire if they were alerted to any unusual behavior on the Covenant. Dr. Solana Esperon, the head of the consciousness recovery project, noticed the presence of the Terminus and the Dominion outside and asked Lucrezia Sephirah if the two ships were there to assist in the experiment. Lucrezia replied that, on the contrary, they were there to deal with the aftermath if the experiment went wrong.[1]

Though the recovery of Shepard's consciousness was a success, he escaped his containment and used his new antidermis form to worm his way into the ship's systems. By activating the Covenant's self-destruct countdown, he forced Lucrezia and the rest of the ship's crew to evacuate in escape pods, leaving the Covenant to himself. Upon being alerted of this development, the Terminus and the Dominion opened fire on the escaping Covenant, but were crippled when Shepard responded by launching a full barrage of the Covenant's missiles at each. The Terminus's engines were crippled, so its crew was forced to cease their attacks on the Covenant in order to consolidate their remaining reactor output.[2]