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Tasabian is an artificial planet created to be the home of Project Genesis. It is made completely out of iron and also serves as a giant signal transmitter. Its exterior was sandy, which made it appear to be a desert world, before it was nuked by the First Fleet of Sacred Retribution. The First Fleet's weaponry caused its surface to become a molten, nuclear wasteland.

When Ta'harok landed on Tasabian in his ship and found the control room of Project Genesis, he discovered its purpose through a computer. Naju emerged from another room to fight him with two of the thousands of Neo Ta'har that were waiting below the surface, but Ta'harok fled the planet after disposing of the two guards. Using the computer, Naju activated Project Genesis, and a DAL activation signal was broadcast across the cosmos, causing every DAL-controlled computer to attack all forms of life. Because this signal affected Side 8 almost immediately and caused its weaponry to turn against its own Zion Cluster forces, John Shepard and his First Fleet of Sacred Retribution arrived at Tasabian to destroy the planet and take DAL's central processing unit with it. They unleashed all firepower on the planet from orbit, and within minutes the surface of Tasabian became a molten, nuclear sludge. Despite this, thousands of commandeered Ta'har ships (piloted by Neo-Ta'har) still managed to rise from the planet's surface and return fire. The battle continued in space and became known as the "First Battle of Side 8" as it progressed.

It is unknown what currently remains of Naju's facilities underneath the surface.