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Tarturus's new appearance
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"Hello If you touch me you die zevvy''"
Tarturus to Zev Raregroove

Tarturus was a demonic being summoned by TMV once to try to kill Zev Raregroove. He has now joined the Full Frontal Fighting Force.


Tarturus is red and was skeletal in appearance, with no skin but bones and muscles instead. His head was like a bull skull, but more human like, with giant red eyes. When he reappeared alongside Captain Eurobeat, he had taken a new appearance, resembling a mummy with technological augmentations.


After Zev betrayed his friends and allied with Blackout, TMV enlisted the help of Tarturus to kill him. According to TMV, he 'reaped' the grim reaper. He emerged from a glowing red pit, grabbed a scythe and a sword, and teleported inside Zev's ship. He then engaged in battle with him, taking hits from his blaster and launching bones at him. However, Zev realized that Tarturus, being undead, was vulnerable to holy water. He pierced Tarturus' body with bullets made of holy water, destroying it.

During the many years following these events, Tarturus either survived in spirit form when his body was destroyed (like Skelly Bones!) or was recreated somehow, because he appeared as part of Space Pirate Captain Eurobeat's Full Frontal Fighting Force on Saskana. He prepared to fight Mazkertis for the fate of the universe.