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  • Fire mace
  • Thornax launcher
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Tarnok was a Glatorian member of the Fire Tribe of Bara Magna who was killed by Kakamu so that his body could be possessed.


Tarnok fought in arena matches on behalf of the Fire Tribe with Tratus as his "blocker" (an Agori who would shield Glatorian from attacks in arena matches).[1]

In 100,080 CMT, Tarnok was in Vulcanus when he was attacked by Kakamu, whose antidermis form was in danger of dissipating unless he found a new body to inhabit. Kakamu realized that he only had about an hour left until his antidermis dissipated completely, so he was forced to kill Tarnok and fashion his body into a vehicle suitable for Makuta by stripping off his flesh and modifying his metal skeleton to prevent his antidermis from leaking out.[1] Now inhabiting what remained of Tarnok's body, Kakamu began rounding up the inhabitants of Vulcanus into an army, but was killed again when Blackout teleported unstable hadrium into the core of Bara Magna.[2]

Bara Magna was recreated by Yon and the Architect in 150,080 CMT and all of its inhabitants who were alive at the time of its destruction were revived. Tarnok was dead at the time, so he was not resurrected.[3]


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