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The subject of this article appeared in posts or stories that were lost in the Great Dataclysm or subsequent archive deletions.
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A Targetmaster is a small robot capable of transforming into a weapon. Three of them: Nightstick, Holepunch and Pinpointer came into Ricochet's service at some point. They agreed to follow his orders in exchange for command of his future army.

It ended badly for them: During the Battle of Ricochet v. Everyone, Nightstick was deactivated while fighting and was taken as a trophy by Blackout, Holepunch was frozen and completely incapacitated by Prudence Franklin, and Pinpointer was blown up when Garak stuck his finger into his barrel while in gun-mode.


  • The Targetmasters' personalities suggest that the process which created them caused certain changes to their personalities. Or maybe they were always like that. Who knows?