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Toa of Fire
Matoran Universe
In stasis in the UG
Home Reality

Tanrus is a Toa of Fire and a founding member of the Toa Yerta.


Early Life[edit]

Tanrus was created naturally by the Kestora as a Ta-Matoran worker at some point prior to the Matoran Civil War. Before the war, he worked as a foundry worker: carrying around masks, disks and raw materials to go to welders and builders within his city. This meant that at one point he met the mask maker Kakamu, if only to drop off some Kanoka disks for him to use before leaving to deliver some other goods. When war broke out in Metru-Nui, he was reassigned to craft weapons such as swords and spears for the Ta-Matoran forces. This means that he created the tool that would later become the Guardian Fire Spear.

Towards the end of the war, he was found by Toa Rabot, who wished to create a Toa team of his own. Rabot chose Tanrus as the Ta-Matoran he wanted to bestow the powers of his stolen Toa Stone upon, because he "worked at the bottom of the chain, but showed the spirit of the highest of the nobles". Thus Tanrus became a founding member of the Toa Yerta, and travelled with Rabot across the MU to find other members worthy of being recruited into their team.

After the team was formed, the Yerta did the usual Toa stuff: beating bad guys, cracking lame puns, and talking to the tabloids. These shenanigans involved getting into a bar brawl with the exiled Koranis and rescuing a baby Muaka from a tree. They also participated in the Toa-Skakdi War that was instigated by Blackout and Malygos, fighting on Zakaz.

After Mata Nui[edit]

When they heard that the Matoran Universe was to be made uninhabitable, Tanrus shared an experimental teleportation device taken from Koranis with his team which allowed them to escape the impending doomsday. It worked, and they ended up on a random planet somewhere in the multiverse. Many years passed, during which they bullied Koranis again, fell into a plothole which led to the Unireverse, drove back to the main universe with Metax and briefly fought in the Battle of Mata Nui II. Eventually rumours reached the Yerta concerning the hostile takeover of the multiverse by the Great Beings. The Yerta decided to investigate by tracking down one of them, namely, Serecio. They entered his ship, but triggered an alarm, were taken to the deck by some robots, and were beaten up by Serecio. In a bizarre twist of fate, their lives were saved when Wing Justice and Strike Destiny brought their raging battle to the exterior of the Nakamura, which caused it to crash-land into Alaine. The Yerta were thrown down one of the corridors as the gravity shifted and dunked in a pool of energized protodermis, which transformed their weapons, armour, and bodies into more powerful versions of their past selves. Unfortunately, not everyone survived the dunk: Tanrus tried his best to pull Ignika II out of the pool before his body disintegrated but it was too late. Tanrus also tackled Naterohk out of the way as Komerak's Nova Blast ability was accidentally triggered, which separated the Toa of Ice from the group for good.

After Tanrus and the remainder of his team took some time to recover from these events, they decided to do their part for the greater good once more and fight against a nightmare army belonging to the GBs for the sake of all reality at the Battle of Mordor. During the conflict, Tanrus was critically injured when he was stabbed through the back by an orc. On the brink of death, Tanrus was saved thanks to the timely intervention of a Knight of the Keruvim, who ordered Tanrus a medic. The medic managed to patch up the Toa and restore him to full health. As a result, Tanrus is eternally grateful to the Knights, and hopes that he might be able to repay the favour some day.

Two years after the war, Tanrus and the other three Toa Yerta were defeated and exiled to the UG by DU Monarch for an unknown reason.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Elemental Powers[edit]

  • Fire Creation - Tanrus can create fires of varying size and intensity from his hands.
  • Fire Control - Tanrus has complete control over fire, and can shape it, extinguish it or cause it to jump from one place to another.
  • Fire Absorption - Tanrus can absorb certain amounts of fire into his body, which becomes stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Fire Nova Blast - In extreme circumstances, Tanrus can release all of his elemental energy in the form of a fiery nova blast, which would be an explosion large enough to devastate an area the size of a large city.

Mask Powers[edit]

  • Enhanced Stealth - When Tanrus's Kanohi Huna is activated, his movements are silenced and his body becomes invisible to all but the most observant. However, he will still cast a shadow.