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Taln was one of the Southern Islands of the Matoran Universe.


Taln was built by the Matoran according to the Great Beings' specifications during the construction of the Matoran Universe.[1]

The Great Beings intended for Komerak to eventually relinquish his Toa power to become the Turaga of Taln. Komerak forced a Kestora to reveal his destiny to him when he encountered one after being resurrected aboard the Red Star. Following this revelation, Komerak decided to stay as far away as Taln as possible when he was sent back to the Matoran Universe so that he would not have to relinquish his Toa power.[2]

In 100,080 CMT,[3] Blackout took over the Matoran Universe, brainwashed its Matoran, and ordered them to dismantle all of its buildings and use the materials to build Darkmount. It is very likely that most or all of Taln was dismantled in this initiative and its Matoran population were brought aboard the city-ship.[4]


  • Taln did not appear in the BZPB RPG. Instead, it was introduced to the canon as part of new backstory that User:Kon created for Komerak in 2014.
  • In BIONICLE, the island that Taln is based off of is identified as "Gatherer's Homeland".


  1. Assumed location history according to BS01
  2. Komerak (OU) (revision on 02:16, Aug 16, 2014): "While pretending to be unconscious for a few hours while the Kestora conversed with others of its kind nearby, Komerak learned the truth about the Red Star and the cycle of life and death for the Toa. Choosing to seize the opportunity to ask an ever-lingering question on his mind, he broke free of his bonds, froze the Kestora in place from the waist-down, and asked them: "What is my purpose?". The one who revived him stated that he needed to be brought back, because it was his destiny to become the Turaga of Taln (otherwise known as Gatherer's Homeland). Komerak had received his answer, but it was not one that he liked. [...] Komerak lived in a village on the shores of the Northern Continent, as far away from Taln as he could be. [...] [Rabot] offered Komerak a place on his team, and he gladly accepted on the condition that they do not travel beyond the Southern Continent on their adventures. Rabot agreed".
  3. Timeline (revision on 14:38, June 20, 2013): "Year 100,080: Blackout swiftly takes over the Matoran Universe, and brainwashes the Matoran into building Darkmount."
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