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Ta'harix (Neé Tahar'ak) was the son of Ta'harok (SMU).

Tahar'ix and Ta'harok never really got on well. This is because from a young age, Tahar'ix was extremely rebellious and uncontrollable. Also, Tahar'ix mated with a female Ta'har from an enemy clan; something that is deemed dishonourable in Ta'har society.

If Tahar'ix were any other Ta'har, chances are he'd be dead by now. However, Ta'harok has learned to leave Tahar'ix be; Ta'harok once tried to kill him (Because he mated with a female Ta'har from an enemy clan) and ended up getting his arm snapped in two. This is because Tahar'ix is an Elite Ta'har: Ta'har gifted with incredible strength, intelligence and endurance.

Tahar'ix generally tries to make his father's life miserable, however he has matured a lot, and now knows that he needs to work towards a greater cause to get anyway in this world. To this end he joined The Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta, and has worked his way through the ranks to become a deputy.

Tahar'ix came to find Ta'harok, but his father was in the body of a Great Spirit Robot. Then he went to attack Blackout, but when Naju appeared, he ran.

Next, he tried to convince Ynot to join the Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta, but Ynot could not be convinced. Then, he returned to his base, which was attacked by Ynot and co.

He, along with all other prominent Ta'har, were killed. His demise came at the hands of Ynot, one of the only times Ynot has killed.


Tahar'ix is described as having the appearance of a Ta'har wearing a black leather trenchcoat and a large blade strapped to his back. He had yellow eyes.


  • "Now, granddad. Most granddads greet their children with cookies and a glass of milk, but you? Asteroids. I do hope they're chocolate chip."