Ta'har Empire

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The Ta'har Empire is one of the greatest military mights in existence.


The Ta'har empire is actually a collective of large clans, however each clan is loyal to the greater cause and the current ruling clan.

The leader of the Ta'har empire is the Kar of the current ruling clan. The current Kar is Ta'harok. After the Kar, there is the Ata, Or military commander, who must be a direct family member of the ruling Kar. Next is the High Council, or Senate, which acts as an advisory council to the Kar.



The Kynono clan is the biggest clan, and the current ruling clan. It has a great military might, with its fleet forming 34% of the total Ta'har fleet. It is one of the more peaceful clans, preferring to make treaties with governments. It's current Kar is Ta'harok


The Kandoka is the second biggest clan, and good allies with the Kyono clan. However, it secretly has darker intentions - control of the Orzaf system, home to some of the most profitable mining in the known universe.


The Bordaz clan is one of the biggest clans, but has been described as being "too unreasonable" for ruling. However, it has ruled in the past. It focuses on environmental issues, and wishes for Ta'har colonies to be withdrawn from outlying planets.


The Ta'har Empire's military might is insanely powerful, and easily capable of wiping out entire solar systems in a few minutes.