TSS Bouncy-Ball

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TSS Bouncy-Ball
The TSS Bouncy-Ball


Oct (formerly)
Dan (Formerly)


Pew-Pew Lasers
Explosive Ping-Pong Ball Launchers


24 Terugans and an android (Formerly)





The TSS Bouncy-Ball is a spaceship that was commissioned by the Terugan government in the Year 150,070 to explore the Milky Way galaxy and report back their findings. Despite being decommissioned along with all the other Terugan research vessels when the ZFT took over during the Uterio War, Captain Oct took full command of the ship and continued to fly it around the multiverse with his crew, no longer reporting back discoveries but logging them in the ship's database instead to satisfy the crew's own adventurous spirit. This continued until Oct was captured by DU Monarch, so the first officer, Dan, stepped up to take his place. Under his command, the Bouncy-Ball returned to Teruga Prime to participate in the Terugan uprising against the ZFT that was instigated by the Dong Squad. During this time, it was boarded by a Makuta, who commandeered the vessel and ejected most of its crew.

A version of this ship was also created in the Shattered Mirror Universe, which crossed over into the Original Universe. The two ships and crew have never met.


  • The name and weaponry of the ship were coined by JS where the crew and the backstory were created by Kon.