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TMV (SMU), or SMTMV, is the version of TMV from the Shattered Mirror Universe. Unlike the main reality's TMV, this one was a tall, heavily armoured warrior with a booming voice and excellent grasp of the English language. He carries a longsword. Not much else is known about him, other than at some point in his universe's history he allied himself with SM Trantoshen and became a high-ranking individual in his invasion force.

He first appeared in the OU exiting the Shattered Mirror II, towards the end of the Battle of Kakamu's Funeral. Upon descending to the ground, he spotted Trantoshen's unconscious body and moved to take it, but it was teleported out as SM Trantoshen activated Weapon X, a retractable radar dish attached to the underside of the SMII which, when activated, obliterated the battleground. As such, his fate is unknown, but he likely perished if he was still under Weapon X at the time of its activation.


  • "I shall have fun with this universe. Looks like there's a battle going on below already, and who am I, TMV, to refuse it?" - Uttered upon exiting the SMII.