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Formal Name
The other Living Stars,
The Sha'lythe Sect
Home Reality

TBS (short for The Blue Sun - not his true name) is a Living Star who is said to be one of the protectors of time itself. Like the rest of his kind, he can alter his size and appear anywhere in space with a single thought. He is immune to all kinds of fire, but contact with water causes him to change his form.


The Blue Sun's past is not known to the majority of the Original Universe. He has several followers among the Sha'lythe Sect that also work to mend time to its normal state. Some of these followers are Chikato, Nosmilo (deceased), Quolas, Lite, and Gekkou. The rest are either presumed deceased or are at another place in time. His mortal enemy is Eclipse.

While TBS prefers to stay out of the action for the most part, he has been seen in battle fighting Eclipse and other powerful enemies such as the Caged Lion.

Around 150,082 CMT, TBS and the other Living Stars shared in a vision of several immense threats to their universe. Afraid that they would not be powerful enough to stop these threats, they began a multiversal quest to absorb their counterparts to increase their power.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Few things can hurt TBS, since the entirety of his form is made up of fire energy, but what neutralizes fire can also damage the cohesion of his form. He can use fire energy for a variety of effects:

  • Fire Energy Manipulation - TBS has complete control over fire energy and can manipulate it in any way possible.
  • Fire Energy Absorption - TBS survives on fire energy. If he has expended too much of it, he must absorb more to continue existing.
  • Regeneration - If TBS's physical form is damaged in any way, he can heal himself by transfering some of the fire energy that makes up his form to "fill the wound" of the affected area.
  • Shapeshifting - TBS can change his size at will. He can be anywhere from the size of a small house to the size of an average star. This is achieved by either condensing or expanding the chaos energy that makes up his form, but if he grows too big, he must absorb more fire energy to avoid stretching himself too thin.
  • Telepathic Communication - TBS can communicate telepathically with his enemies and followers, but he prefers to communicate vocally. It is unknown if he has other telepathic abilities besides communication.
  • Teleportation - TBS can teleport anywhere in or outside the universe. This teleportation is considered "safe" and does not damage the fabric of reality in any way, unless TBS wills it.
  • Time Travel - TBS can instantly travel to any time, past, present and future, though he feels a compulsion to return to the present after spending a while in a different time period.