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Subnixus is a strange and mysterious planet in the Original Universe, home to several different tribes and species. It was also the setting of Subnixus - The Changing Planet.

It is under the watch of several Great Beings, whom the residents call "Guardians" and worship as gods. These include Archyura, Arimasu and Ma.



Triken is a large island country divided into two parts, both with their own individual terrain and wildlife. The top part is known as "Cave Mountain", named after the massive mountain that towers over all the others in its huge mountain range. It is so heavy that it has created a moat around itself. There are some rumours that there is an entrance to the cave within the mountain, where a beast sleeps. There are no towns or cities in Cave Mountain. The bottom part of the country is just called "Forest", and is home to the mysterious Vineman race. A town called Kenn is located here, which contains a hospital and many houses made of wood. Several beings of varying origin sometimes find themselves awakening in the hospital, with no memory of ever having got there.


A country that is basically a massive city, the streets all keeping the same colour scheme of a pleasant grey-blue. This country has a higher population than any other, yet is still not condensed with people. This country is home to the headquarters of the Alliance.


Pronounced “hee”, this is a very dangerous country that is basically a large complex of land bridges made of mountain ranges; it contains the largest concentration of dragons on the planet.


The legendary home of the "Mole people", Nharvarda is probably the most dangerous place on the planet. Home to all sorts of nasty things; it is covered in deserts and sand dunes.


Subnixus also contains several other islands between the four countries, and more countries beyond them that have so far been unexplored by civilized, extraterrestrial parties.


Soul Knights[edit]

A legion of knights protecting Triken that are constantly blessed by the sun guardian and are therefore very powerful. The only way a person can join is if they locate the base, which is rumoured to be deep in the mountains of north Triken.

Mole Men[edit]

A large clan of barbaric nomadic people who are located underground in Nharvarda. Not much is known about them, but it is thought that the guardian of pain, suffering, and the atmosphere sometimes blesses them.

Nharvardan Resistance[edit]

The force of people opposed to the mole men, they sometimes trade with the Alliance, but usually spend time trying to destroy their enemies. They are often attacked and damaged by ruthless raids from the mole men.

The Alliance[edit]

A law-abiding ancient clan, located at the farthest northeast of Kerna. These people tirelessly perform their duties of keeping Kerna safe, fighting against thieves, murderers and organized crime that comes unwelcomed to the streets of Kerna.

Iedas & Keketsu[edit]

See Iedas.


  • After the RPG named after Subnixus died, Shroom decided to put the planet into BZPB canon to make things interesting.
  • The events of the RPG take place in approximately Year 149,882. Archyura summoned his army for Uterio in Year 150,082.