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Formal Name
Stelladi Damone
Home Reality

Stelladi Damone is a vampire who appears to be working for Sanya. She is of average height with burgundy hair and yellow eyes.


Stelladi was working at The Place That Wasn't There Yesterday when Blue arrived with Sasuken and Shikhazra. Sandra expressed surprise that Blue had been able to get in, because she was supposed to be banned. Because Sheba wanted to hang out with Blue, Stelladi offered to supervise them both to make sure that Blue didn't cause any trouble. Sandra reluctantly agreed.

When Blue mentioned that she was there on a date, Stelladi cheered on her behalf and offered to buy her date a drink for being such a brave soul.

After some mild partying, Stelladi listened to Sirenla's warning that Yidrea had returned to the universe. Stelladi was worried that Sirenla's split personality Wren might surface and attack her, but once she was reassured, she and the others offered their assistance. Upon exiting the club, they found themselves inside Yorin's house, who Blue hoped would have information on Yidrea's servant Karrasaliss. Unfortunately, he did not, so they had a discussion on their powers instead. Stelladi complained that, due to her vampiric nature, her powers would be weakened during the day, so it would be better for her to approach Karrasaliss at night. Blue agreed, so they both took a nap.

Months later, Stelladi was in the woods when she saw Wren drop down from a tree and attack Blue. She hit Wren with a lightning bolt that knocked her unconscious. Blue thanked Stelladi and introduced her to two others she had met in the woods: San II and Dario Nethneth. Stelladi greeted them both and started flirting with Dario. The introverted Dario tried to open up a bit by allowing Stelladi to read through his notebook. They then talked about the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire for a while; Stelladi was confused why the Ctarl-Ctarl didn't just fight each other to the death as a method of population control, because that's what her species would probably do.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Vampirism - Due to her status as a vampire, Stelladi has all the usual vampiric abilities, such as resistance to injury and the effects of ageing. However, these powers are weakened by sunlight.
  • Lightning Magic - Stelladi is a user of lightning magic, which she can use to fire lightning bolts. She sometimes does this to Wren when she's out of control.

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