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Toa of Gravity
Gravity Staff
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Sreda is the Toa Idiotas of Gravity.


Sreda likes to goof off, is fooled very easily, and does not look before he leaps (in both ways). He is terrible at giving commands and hates anything that has to do with work. He also uses his elemental powers in any way possible to avoid excessive effort.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Elemental Powers[edit]

  • Gravity Creation - Sreda can create gravity in areas where there is none, either through his hands or his Gravity Staff.
  • Gravity Control - Sreda can manipulate the strength of gravity in any area he is in.
  • Gravity Absorption - Sreda can absorb gravity into his body, which becomes stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Gravity Nova Blast - If he had to, Sreda could release all of his elemental energy in the form of a gravity nova blast, which would either crush an area the size of a large city into the ground or send it flying into space.

Mask Powers[edit]

  • Personal Forcefield Creation - With his Kanohi Hau, Sreda can protect himself from any known attacks by generating a forcefield around himself. However, he cannot defend against attacks he is not aware of.