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Spectral Daran
Spectral Kanohi
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The Spectral Daran is one of the Spectral Kanohi, which are powerful sentient masks created by the "Greatest Being of them all". It resembles the Kanohi Daran in shape.


It is unknown when or where the Spectral Daran was created, but by the time of the FRPG, it had been observing Kakamu's development in several different realities, assessing whether or not he posed a threat to creation as a whole. After much observation, it decided that the Kakamu in the Original Universe was getting too clever, too powerful, and knew too many secrets about life, the universe, and everything. To counteract the threat that he was starting to pose, it introduced itself to his presence, and believing it to be an artefact from his home planet, Kakamu kept it in his base. However, after many millennia of being directly exposed to its passive power of Confusion, Kakamu's mind eventually melted into a disorientated mess.

One day Blackout, BoM_Master, Darkwing and Dreadwind arrived on the planet to ask Kakamu for his help to defeat two prominent evils: F-Klak and Ynot. After Blackout saved Kakamu from one of his deadly counterparts, he agreed to go with them, but insisted he take supplies from his base first. He teleported the group inside his base, where Blackout met the Spectral Daran. It explained to him how and why Kakamu was in that current state and why it was important to do at the time. However, it also admitted that maybe the universe could use the old Kakamu against these ever-growing threats, so it informed Blackout that should he track down the Kestora, he could gain Kakamu's original consciousness and his "destiny" from them. It then promptly disappeared.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Confusion Induction - The Spectral Daran passively emits a disorientating field that causes mild confusion in nearby beings. As evidenced by F-Kakamu's unfortunate condition, prolonged exposure to the Spectral Daran can cause loss of rational thinking and eventually, insanity.
  • Teleportation - The Spectral Daran can teleport in and out of the universe at will, or to a range of other locations.



  • Kon got the idea for the Spectral Daran from the "Spectral Mask" from BIONICLE. It shares its characteristics and ability to open dimensional portals, but is shaped like a Daran instead of a Hau.