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Space India
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Space India is an inhabited planet in the Original Universe.



In 150,084 CMT, the President of Space India met with the Cooperative to request that Space India be incorporated into their alliance. He told the gathered diplomats the "Top 20 reasons why Space India should join", but his request was not immediately fulfilled: instead, another meeting was scheduled for a later date (Day 4 of The Mazkertis Paradox arc). On this date, the President of Space India announced that, because he had previously told the Cooperative the "Top 20 reasons why Space India should join", he would now tell them the "Top 10 reasons why Space India should not join". However, before he could make his argument to the gathered delegates of the Cooperative, he was interrupted by the arrival of the Stardust Crusaders.[2] The request for Space India to join the Cooperative was later officially rejected.[3]

On Day 56, the President of Space India attended the 3784th Assembly of the Reverie to request that Space India join the Galactic Government instead, but his request was once again overshadowed by something more important: SM Akoran Zicks's announcement that he intended to disband the Galactic Government. The President of Space India once again left without securing a deal for his planet.[3]

At some point, Too R. Isst visited Space India and the city of Space Hyderabad. He became enamoured with Space India, describing it as a clean and "magical place" with "so many white servants", but his teleportation abilities erroneously teleported him to a sewer on Oquro before he could experience everything Space India had to offer. Too R. Isst begged Brendan Fraser, the Kraken, Crikey, and Tayne to let him return to Space Hyderabad, offering them rupees, but the group were then distracted by the appearance of a shapeshifting ghoul who claimed to be a former apprentice of Sinjon Wol named Alex.[1]