Sonia (OU)

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Toa of Sonics
Water Chainblade,
Water Crossbow
The other Toa Idiotas,
The Makuta Anima
Whoever Blade or Ynot tells her
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Sonia is a female Toa of Sonics and member of the Toa Idiotas. She is the fun-loving peacekeeper of the team, in that she tries to break up fights without getting anyone hurt. Despite this, she will still fight if she has to. Typically attached to Blade's side, she is hopelessly infatuated with the leader of the Idiotas.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Elemental Powers[edit]

  • Sound Creation - Sonia can create a wide range of sounds using her mouth, from multi-accented speech to incredibly realistic sound effects. In battle, she uses her Water Chainblade or Water Crossbow to channel her powers through.
  • Sound Control - Sonia has complete control over sound, and can manipulate it by raising, lowering or muting pitch and volume.
  • Sound Absorption - Sonia can completely silence an area by absorbing sound into her body, which becomes stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Sonic Nova Blast - If he had to, Sonia could release all of her elemental energy in the form of a sonic nova blast, which would be a sonic explosion large enough to devastate an area the size of a large city.

Mask Powers[edit]

  • Enhanced Accuracy - When Sonia's Kanohi Sanok is activated, her accuracy when shooting or throwing objects is greatly increased, so much so that she can turn everyday objects into deadly projectiles or never miss a shot with her Water Crossbow.