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Solek is an excitable Av-Matoran who welcomed the Toa Nuva to the Mata Nui II.


The Death of Mata Nui[edit]

In 100,080 CMT,[1] Solek was one of the many Matoran of the Matoran Universe who were shielded by Artakha when Blackout brainwashed most of the MU's Matoran into dismantling their habitations and using the materials to construct Darkmount. Artakha then left Aqua Magna with Solek and the other Matoran under his protection. These Matoran later colonized Impel Down and renamed it "Mata Nui II" in honor of the deceased Great Spirit.[2]

Life on the Mata Nui II[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, Solek was one of several Matoran on guard duty on boats stationed around the Mata Nui II's surface hatch. When Lalli Cain's spaceship approached the Mata Nui II[3] and its pilot informed the coast guard that he was there to deliver the legendary Toa Nuva to the Matoran of the Mata Nui II,[4] Solek could barely contain his excitement. The captains of each boat agreed to allow Cain's spaceship access and opened the exterior hatch of the Mata Nui II while Solek instructed Cain to lower his spaceship into the underwater complex. Solek added that he would meet the travellers inside and climbed down a ladder to meet Cain's crew on Level 0.[5]

On Level 0, Solek introduced himself[6] to Cain, Toa Bob,[7] Micros, and Masaharu, the first four to emerge from Cain's spaceship. When Micros commented that he and Masaharu had previously been mind-warped to the Mata Nui II "in the middle of a crazy battle", Solek asked the technician Orvik if he could find records of the event, but Orvik dismissed him. While Solek apologized for Orvik's rudeness, he noticed Kopaka himself exit Cain's spaceship, so he ran over to meet his idol and began to bombard him with questions about the legends of the Toa Nuva.[8] Kopaka tolerated Solek until the Matoran's attention was caught by Tahu, who instructed Solek to gather representatives from all floors because he had an announcement to make about the nature of the Red Star. Solek nodded and left to gather the floor representatives in the Mata Nui II's council chamber in preparation for the announcement.[9]

Soon after Cain, Bob, Micros, and Masaharu left the Mata Nui II, the leaders of the Mata Nui II voted to assemble their best Toa and send them to the Red Star to attempt to rescue the Toa and Matoran who remained trapped there. Solek recruited Ikhet, Arkhite, Vyrrh, and Nohex for this purpose and introduced them to Tahu, who volunteered to lead the Toa Nuva and these new Toa on the rescue mission.[10]


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