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Socah is a Toa of Psionics who guards the fourth wall of BZPB. As you can imagine, his job is pretty stressful.


Socah was a Matoran for most of his life who desperately wanted to be a Toa, but that doesn't matter. What matters about Socah is he is the guardian of the Fourth Wall. This means that he lives in a house, in an undisclosed location next to said wall. Every time somebody 'breaks the fourth wall' in BZPB, like a character looking at the camera and winking, the fourth wall crumbles, cracks, shatters, implodes, explodes, disintegrates, or gets bird poop on it, leaving Socah to clean up the mess. At one point, he'd had enough of living in such a place, and attempted to leave. Before he could find a way out however, the Users approached him and insisted he stay. He accepted on the condition that he became a Toa, and his wish was fulfilled. We have recently learned that he received the names of those who break the fourth wall, and he isn't too happy with them.