Slayer Cannon

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The Slayer Canon is a weapon that was originally stored on board the Wigwam. It was built by Xeno and Cicero.

It operates through the fusion of Adamantium particles provided by Ynot, and the only fuel source powerful enough to make it work is Sasuken's lightning blasts. When fired, it has the ability to blast massive holes through a planet's crust, but apparently can't harm a single Caged Lion. It was named because it has been known to injure even True Dragons like Dragon Slayers. It shreds dragon scales - it shatters dragon bones - it crushes dragon entrails, just like the Dragon Slayers it is named after.

The original was destroyed when the Wigwam met its demise, but it has since been rebuilt and upgraded in the new Ironclad.


  • The name of the Slayer Canon was coined by Zev, and was an entry in another one of Ynot's naming contests. It won because it was the only entry.