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Skyus Magna was the version of Bara Magna in the Unireverse.

For some reason, the majority of the planet's inhabitants lived on a floating upside-down city in the lower atmosphere. It was equipped with powerful artificial gravity generators to keep its population from falling off.

Known inhabitants of Skyus Magna were Rhanu, the planet's leader, and Kiree and Metax.

The Toa Yerta somehow ended up on the outskirts of Skyus Magna once. Metax confronted them in his vehicle, the Dornatus V9. He offered to drive them back to the city, but during his journey, he ended up driving through a portal that led back to the Original Universe.

After Metax and the Yerta's departure, Skyus Magna was attacked by a swarm of Parasitic Fluff. Most of the population survived this attack.

Skyus Magna's status is unknown after the Pandorica destroyed the planet below it on its journey through dimensions.