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Formal Name
Kaidou Giraki
Bara Magna (planet)
    Atteka (country)
        Contigo (town)
A large katana
Home Reality

Silver-Silver, real name Kaidou Giraki, was a Glatorian by occupation who lived on Bara Magna. Despite being born there, he was supposedly alien to that world, as his species was unlike anything else seen on the planet. He was supposedly killed when Bara Magna was destroyed, and revived again when its destruction was reversed.



Silver-Silver has tan skin, no apparent nose, and black hair done up in seven long spikes extending backwards, each tipped with a bell. He has an eyepatch over his right eye and a long scar going from the left side of his hairline down over his left eye, all the way down to his chin. He wears a long black coat, a white, ragged, sleeveless haori, tan trousers cut just below the knee, and simple sandals.


Silver-Silver loves battle and bloodshed, is highly protective of subordinates, and is not afraid of death. However, he does not want to die, as then he might not be able to kill anymore. He puts fun before work, normally sending people on missions if they're not having fun and only doing actual work.


Giraki was born on the Western Continent of Atteka, separated from the Bara Magna seen in the story from a huge mountain range, in the town of Contigo; specifically, the Eightieth District. Contigo is a huge town, split into eighty different districts; the Eightieth is a lawless zone of thieves and murderers, as opposed to the First District, which is incredibly peaceful and law-abiding. Giraki was born without a name, and has no memories of his parents. He gave himself his name, as even during his early adult life, he fought better and lasted longer than nearly every other warrior. He made very few friends and many enemies, before he met someone who inspired him like no other...

One night, after slaying many ne'er-do-wells, he came across a small, baby female of his species with pink hair, from the Seventy-Ninth District. Despite being so young, the girl was totally unafraid of Giraki's bloodsoaked sword, even giggling after trying to grab it. Giraki decided to name her Tashigi, after the one ally of his he admired the most. Since then, Tashigi has always traveled with Giraki, usually hanging from the back of his shoulder for transport. She is what made Giraki decided he needed a better life, not only to keep himself alive but to find worthy opponents.

Giraki had gathered a large number of allies, and they together began crossing the mountain range separating Atteka from essentially the rest of the world. Giraki was able to cross first, as he was only carrying his blade and essentials, though Tashigi was forced to go ahead as he fought off a group of mountain bandits. Giraki was later reunited with Ran Fan, one of his fellow warriors. He also allied himself with Tesara, which basically made him an ally of Tajun.

Shortly after these events, Makuta Blackout teleported a large quantity of unstable hadrium into the planet's core, which destroyed it and killed most of its inhabitants. When Bara Magna was recreated by The Architect and Yon 50,000 years later, many of its inhabitants were revived; however, it remains to be seen if Silver-Silver was one of them.


Silver-Silver carries a large katana with a long blade and grip, and a three-dimensional tsuba that extends inward from the center, which has several vertical ridges going from the blade to the hilt; the blade itself has a chipped, seemingly dull edge, but Giraki's aura is so strong, he can slice through normal rock with no problem.


  • Silver-Silver's real name translates in his language to 'No matter how many times you cut him, he will never die'. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to withstand a massive freaking explosion caused by a large amount of hadrium in the planet's core. HOWEVER, in an ironic twist of fate, he was resurrected when Yon restored Bara Magna using the Architect's powers.
  • Silver-Silver was seemingly (at least partially) based off the character Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach.