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  • Kaidou Giraki
  • Silver-Silver
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Silver-Silver, also known as Kaidou Giraki, was a warrior of an unknown species who grew up on Bara Magna but became involved in the conflicts surrounding the final days of the Matoran Universe.


Silver-Silver was a member of an unidentified humanoid species who had tan skin, no apparent nose, and black hair done up in seven long spikes extending backwards, each tipped with a bell. He had an eyepatch over his right eye and a long scar going from the left side of his hairline down over his left eye, all the way down to his chin. He wore a long black coat, a white, ragged, sleeveless haori, tan trousers cut just below the knee, and simple sandals.[1]

Silver-Silver was a vigilante who loved battle and bloodshed. He was almost utterly fearless, but he did not want to die for the simple reason that if he did, he would not be able to kill anymore. Despite his violent tendencies, Silver-Silver was an intensely moral man who only killed people much worse than himself, such as murderers or thieves who killed without reason. Silver also cared deeply about his subordinates and his adopted daughter, Tashigi, and would rather that they had fun than be stressed with work. This opinion was reflected in his decisions where he would send people on missions if they were not getting enjoyment from whatever work they were doing instead.[1]


Early Life[edit]

The man who would later become known as 'Silver-Silver' was born in the Eightieth District of the city of Contigo, which was located in Atteka, a massive continent in the western hemisphere of Bara Magna that was separated from Agori and Glatorian society by a long and treacherous mountain range. Silver-Silver was born without a name or any memories of his parents. He spent much of his early adult life enforcing his own brand of justice upon the thieves and murderers of the lawless Eightieth Distrist, where he received the name of 'Kaidou Giraki', which meant 'No matter how many times you cut him, he will never die', owed due to his monstrous endurance and the fact that he fought better and lasted longer than nearly every other warrior he encountered.[1]

One night, after slaying many outlaws, Giraki came across a small, baby female of his species with pink hair from the Seventy-Ninth District. Despite being so young, the girl was totally unafraid of Giraki's bloodsoaked sword, even giggling after trying to grab it. Giraki decided to adopt her as his own and name her Tashigi after the one ally of his he admired the most. Giraki took Tashigi on many of his travels, carrying her on the back of his shoulder. Her presence made Giraki decide that he needed a better life, not only to survive but also to find worthy opponents.[1]

In the Matoran Universe[edit]

By 100,080 CMT, Giraki had appeared in the Matoran Universe and had started to call himself 'Silver-Silver'. He was on the island of Karzahni when he encountered Ynot, who challenged him to a sparring match. Silver accepted the Makuta's challenge and duelled him, both unaware that another Makuta named Blackout had used Ynot's distraction to sneak aboard the Cabana III and sabotage it, rendering it inoperable. Afterwards, Silver became aware of the threat Blackout posed to the universe as a whole and allied himself with Ynot to stop Blackout.[2]

When Blackout used the Theta Gate to unleash the Legion of the Eclipse on the Matoran Universe, Silver-Silver and the Makuta Anima confronted him on Destral with three Dreadnought-class airships. Silver and Ynot fought Blackout in close-quarters on the ground, with Silver stabbing his katana into the tyrant's wrist, making him drop the Master Sword. Silver and Ynot then tried to force Blackout to surrender, but the two allies were blasted in the back with shadow bolts fired by Xintrix and Grahmah, which gave Blackout the opportunity to retrieve the Master Sword and slash at Ynot. At Ynot's behest, Silver blew Xintrix and Grahmah away with a blast of air and reached the roof of the complex where the Theta Gate was located. Silver prepared to disable it, but was immediately slashed across the chest by Oda'Itkan, a robot whose database listed Silver as an enemy of Blackout. Silver dodged Oda'Itkan's next attacks and landed several hits on the robot before kicking it into one of the control panels of the Theta Gate. The collision destroyed the panel and caused the Theta Gate to create a vacuum-like portal nearby that began to pull on Silver and Oda. In a final act of defiance, Silver blasted Oda into the portal with another blast of air before he fell unconscious due to his injuries and fell into the portal also. When Silver awoke, he found himself in the wastelands of Bara Magna.[3]

Desert Heat[edit]

Back in Atteka, Silver-Silver regrouped with a more mature Tashigi, another ally of his named Ran Fan, and many other adventurers so that he could cross the mountain range that separated Atteka from the rest of the world. Silver crossed first because he was only carrying his blade and essentials, but he was then attacked by a group of mountain bandits which separated him from his group. Despite the dangers involved, Silver managed to cross through the mountains and emerge on the other side of Bara Magna, where the Agori and Glatorian thrived.[1]

Information on the following events has been pieced together from edits on multiple old wiki pages, so it is unclear what order they occurred in:
  • Silver-Silver got into a fight with someone or something in the desert wastelands which was witnessed by Xeno, who noticed that Silver's fighting style resembled that of one that Ynot had described to him during one of their previous encounters. Xeno introduced himself to Silver in an attempt to learn more, but was forced to leave abruptly when Ynot contacted Xeno and warned him that Blackout was in pursuit.[4]
  • Silver-Silver tried to walk into Roxtus, but a group of Skrall that included Vuxtris emerged from the sand and denied him access. Silver left and returned with an extremely valuable object known as a Sacred Jade which made the Skrall reconsider and let him pass.[5]
  • Silver-Silver participated in an arena match against three Vorox and demonstrated abilities that Nirtis found interesting.[6]
  • Silver-Silver participated in an arena match against the Sento from the Fire Tribe, which was also watched by Nirtis. Sento hit Silver with a few punches and threw him into a wall, but was outskilled and overpowered to the point where he conceded the match to Silver.[7]
  • The Jungle Tribe hired Silver-Silver as a Glatorian fighter to represent them in arena matches.[1]
  • Silver-Silver was reunited with Ran Fan, who was the first step towards finding the other members of his former expedition from Atteka.[1]
  • Silver-Silver came into possession of a ship named the Gold Standard which he met Ynot and the Makuta Anima on.[1] They were also joined by Xeno[4] and Vultran, who used his Void Manipulator to teleport aboard.[8]

Eventual Fate[edit]

Silver-Silver's eventual fate is unknown because he was never mentioned again after the Desert Heat story arc. He could have been killed if he was still on Bara Magna when Blackout used unstable hadrium to destroy the planet,[9] but would have been resurrected in 150,080 CMT when Yon released a wave of creation energy on behalf of the Architect that recreated Bara Magna exactly how it was a moment before its destruction.[10]


Silver-Silver's signature weapon was large katana with a long blade and grip and a three-dimensional tsuba that extended inward from the center and had several vertical ridges going from the blade to the hilt. The blade itself had a chipped, seemingly dull edge, but Giraki's aura was so strong that he could slice through normal rock with no problem.[1]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Air Manipulation: Silver-Silver had the ability to fire blasts of air that he could use to blow opponents away.[3]


  • It is possible that Silver-Silver was intended to be the same character as Zev Raregroove, but in a different form. Evidence that supports this includes the fact that User:Zev changed his BZPower handle to "Silver-Silver" around the time of the character's introduction;[1] the fact that Silver-Silver took the place of Zev Raregroove at the end of The Time Slip arc and throughout the entire Desert Heat arc that followed it; and the fact that an old wiki edit states that Silver-Silver was a spirit or a member of an unknown species that could change his form at will - just like Zev Raregroove. When User:Heat announced the sudden introduction of the Desert Heat arc, in which all BZPB players were told to create new characters for the new setting on Bara Magna, it was at first unclear whether the new arc was a reboot or continuation. Therefore, it is possible that User:Zev revised Silver-Silver/Zev Raregroove's backstory as him having been born on Bara Magna because he thought that Desert Heat was a reboot of BZPB, and that the new backstory would better fit the reboot.[11]
  • Silver-Silver's backstory seems to have been based on that of the character Kenpachi Zaraki from the anime/manga series Bleach.