Side 8

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Side 8 was the Zion Cluster mothership, and the first Moon-Ship ever to be created. It could also transform into a giant robot.

Side 8 contained facilities for weapons, armour and vehicle manufacture and research, as well as many food processing units, storage facilities, docks, living spaces and orbiting defence systems. The outer shell was covered by hundreds of thousands of heavy anti-ship guns, and the entirety of the space near it was filled with drones, heavy railgun stations and mobile docks.

The Moon-Ship was undeniably the most powerful weapon used by the Zion Cluster, and one of the most powerful units in the galaxy. It was controlled by an AI, DAL, which processed all systems onboard.


Side 8 originally served as the Zion Cluster's base. However, its use of DAL proved to be a mistake when it turned out that the AI's designer was Naju. When Naju activated DAL's primary directive: "delete all life", it turned on the Zion fleet. Ta'harok and John Shepard, commander of Zion's First Fleet of Sacred Retribution, made an alliance to stop Naju. They stealthily planted explosives onboard Side 8, and detonated them, temporarily knocking DAL offline. It came back online soon after, having been hacked by Uterio Di Armechio. It transformed into its robot form, and headed for Uterio's location, while Ta'harok and Naju's joint fleets harassed it.

Ta'harok tried to fight his way to the core of Side 8, but was beaten to it by User Zev, who discovered that the true processing unit of the Moon-Ship was a Breton girl called Feldt Grace. The User removed the alternate personality that had been planted inside her mind by Shepard, and in return, Feldt triggered Side 8's self-destruct.

Uterio wasn't happy about losing one of his most powerful weapons, and, in the utmost secrecy, commissioned another Moon-Ship, Omega Supreme.