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Shockwave (SMU) is the Shattered Mirror Universe counterpart of Shockwave. He is a Terugan and the captain of the Bouncy-Ball. He has a tendency to give "inspiring" speeches to his crew, which usually only end up boring them.


Shockwave and his crew: Nov, Inv, Cos, Vok, Oct and Masaharu were assigned to play a major part in Operation: Firestorm by clearing a sufficient area for the Shattered Mirror II to be sent to the normal universe. They attacked a human planet, and Shockwave gave his officers a speech which he thought would inspire them. They then confessed that Shockwave's speeches were actually very boring, and were then shot down by surface-to-air missiles. Inv thought they were all going to die, but Shockwave revealed why their ship was called the Bouncy-Ball: it was, basically, a giant, flying bouncy ball with lasers.

They then landed, and Shockwave deployed DAL robots under Masaharu to clear the area. Masaharu was then captured, but the DALs did their job perfectly well without him.

Shockwave was then contacted by Marshal Uteria, who asked about the progress of Phase One. Upon being told that the DALs had succeeded in clearing the area, Uteria sent in the Shattered Mirror.

When the SMU forces surrendered to Blackout, Shockwave and the rest of the B-B crew ran away, but encountered D-Void and his host bodies Doom and Mine. D-Void then turned the Terugans onboard the B-B into host bodies of himself.

Later, D-Void used Shockwave's body to travel to Caiaphus' location and offer him an alliance.