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Portrait of Shikhazra by Ferret-X
Seemingly an angel
At least 200
A sentient, bloodthirsty sword
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Shikhazra (Shee-kahz-ruh) is a longtime ally of K'theenya. She is a violent woman who often sleeps when there is nothing to fight.


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Shikhazra was introduced in the midst of the Uterio War, sitting by a pile of bodies of warriors whom she had recently slain because her sword had demanded to be fed. She was discovered in this state by Blue, who reminded her that she should be looking for the missing K'theenya instead of getting into fights. Shikhazra reluctantly agreed and gave Blue a ride on her back to the nearest stranger to ask about K'theenya's whereabouts. This happened to be Ynot, who told them that he had seen someone of her description recently, but that she flew off in a ship not too long ago. He then left with Zev to fight a battle, so Shikhazra and Blue turned their attention to Sasuken, where they discovered they were both allies of K'theenya. They spoke for a while about each others' allies and current affairs, and Sasuken's sword (that also happened to be sentient), suggested that he ask them out on a date. Shikhazra and Blue both responded positively to the idea, but Sasuken was summoned into a nearby temporary headquarters for the Rebel Alliance, so they followed him inside. Once inside, they met Klak, Nadle, D-Klak and Perseus, who requested that they join the Rebel Alliance. Not one to turn down an opportunity to fight, Shikhazra agreed.

Some time later, she woke up in a supply closet on the Ironclad and was greeted by K'theenya. She told her that she had got a hold of her booze when she got back and got really, really drunk. Shikhazra shrugged it off, and wandered around the ship with Ferret for a while, during which they stumbled into Vultran's lab and annoyed him. When Sasuken returned from his fight with Uterio, Shikhazra reminded him of their date, so he took her and Blue to Paris via the ship's Infinite Probability Drive.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Flight - Shikhazra's wings enable her to fly. She is also strong enough to carry a passenger.
  • Healing - Shikhazra has the power to heal herself and others with healing energy.
  • Immortality - Shikhazra can die temporarily but always comes back to life.
  • Shapeshifting - Shikhazra has the ability to shapeshift into any form, though dislikes doing so because she was once stuck in the form of a frog for two hundred years.

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