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Artificial Intelligence
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Shika is a virus that came into creation when the Maori protester crashed BZPower in 2003.


Shika first appeared as a virus that came into existence when a Maori protester crashed BZP. He was an annoyance to Black Six 'til he found the topic BZPB and landed on the island of Destral. Upon realizing that he was being followed by two of the Toa Idiotas, he repeatedly blasted them across the island only to have them try to sneak up on him again. Makuta Ynot found Shika while doing just that while looking for the two Idiotas. Shika made minor appearances periodically afterwards, showcasing his intelligence during Malygos's banquet by predicting the events of the banquet and defeating Blackout in a game of Shogi to demonstrate them.

He would later appear on Bara Magna after Ynot and Blackout's final battle, meeting Xeno, then disappearing. After a little while, Shika showed himself again in a small cave in the Black Spike Mountains where Xeno found him, and informed him that Blackout was searching for him.

Shika later teleported to Darkmount and asked to be shown around, to which Blackout responded by teleporting him to Earth.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Shika has the ability to summon and control Hollows, and appear and disappear anytime he desires.