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Shell-Shocked Cat
Unknown (Cat?)
Unknown; has been referred to as both male and female
The Jelly Dolphin of Doom
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The Shell-Shocked Cat is a sentient cat-like creature of indeterminate gender and unknown origins that suffers from frequent shell-shock and violent flashbacks that can cause psychotic episodes. After it embarked on a brief rampage across the universe, which resulted in the death of Tratus, the Shell-Shocked Cat retired to a simple life on the Stouttish Islands. A few years later, it decided to join the Dong Squad in service of a higher cause.


When Kakamu was engaged in combat against Ta'harok and Kulnak, the Shell-Shocked Cat emerged from a portal covered from head to paw in potato peelings and slapped Kakamu around the face with a large blue jelly dolphin, named the "Jelly Dolphin of Doom", exactly nine times before transforming into its alternate form, a very aged block of cheddar cheese.[1]

A short while later, the Shell-Shocked Cat appeared in the Battle of Mata Nui II, where it decided to attack Tratus for an unknown reason. The Shell-Shocked Cat somehow boarded Tratus's stolen spacecraft, which he was using to attack Ricochet, and proceeded to repeatedly beat the defenceless Agori with the Jelly Dolphin of Doom.[1] The Shell-Shocked Cat then finished Tratus off by using its sharp claws to tear him apart, killing him.[2]

By 150,084 CMT, the Shell-Shocked Cat had retired from its life of crime and had begun to work in the McYonalds restaurant based in the Stouttish Islands as a cook.[3] Several years later, when BONES, his Ayy-Lmaliums, and Pumkin arrived in the restaurant looking for soldiers, the Shell-Shocked Cat tore off its uniform, grabbed its jelly dolphin, and signed up.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Cheddar Form: The Shell-Shocked Cat had the ability to transform into an alternate form: a very aged block of cheddar cheese.[1]


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