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The Shadowed One
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"The Shadowed One" was the leader of the Dark Hunters.


The Shadowed One founded the Dark Hunters organization on Xia early in the history of the Matoran Universe.

When the Brotherhood of Makuta seized control of Xia and used its factories to create countless more weapons to be used in their war against the free lands of the Matoran Universe, the Shadowed One decided to gather all of the remaining Dark Hunters and attack Xia in an attempt to halt the Brotherhood's weapon production. The leader of the Order of Mata Nui, Helryx, assisted the Dark Hunters in the battle that followed, but even their combined might was not enough to overcome that of Blackout's forces. At the conclusion of the battle, the Shadowed One was either disposed of or fled, so the Dark Hunters organization collapsed.[1]

The events of the Battle of Xia were later erased by Blackout's usage of the Vahi Cube, but the Shadowed One has not yet reappeared in the altered timeline. He could now be living on the Red Star.


  1. Battle of Xia (revision on 08:35, Oct 30, 2011): "The Shadowed One's and Helryx's Goal: Invade Xia in order to cut off the Brotherhood's weapon supply. [...] The Dark Hunters attempted to invade Xia in order to cut off the BoM's weapon supplies, but were fought off. The entire Dark Hunter organization was dismantled as a result of this battle."

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