Shadow Blade

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Shadow Blade is a Makuta in F-Blackout's service during the Reckoning. He seems to be very young and inexperienced for a Makuta.


He was chosen by Blackout to be Rahn's teammate in his plan to commit terrorist acts in the past to annoy F-Klak. He sent them to the past, and dropped them off in the Bat-Cave, of all places. SB got the drop on Batman and killed him. He then suggested they attack a hospital, but Rahn convinced him they should go after Michael Rosen, Mayor of RacKoon City, instead.

They tracked down and snuck into a building, where Rosen and Governor Harrybo were having an emergency meeting. While Rahn held them at gunpoint, Shadow Blade planted a bomb, and then made a broadcast to the whole planet, demanding that the Malchiorians exile Klak if they wished to avoid further attacks. A SWAT team then attacked, and freed the hostages, so the "terrorists" retreated and detonated the bomb.

Shadow Blade then again suggested they attack a hospital, specifically, the hospital Nadle was in. Upon having it pointed out that they had no idea which hospital it was, SB Googled it and came up with the correct place. Rahn caved in, though with the caveat that they would sneak in and kill Nadle instead of blowing up the entire hospital.

They snuck into the hospital, cornered Nadle, and made another broadcast. Afterwards, Rahn revealed his true identity to Nadle. They talked, and Rahn decided to leave Nadle alone. They returned to the Bat-Cave, where Blackout chewed Rahn out for sparing him and gave them another mission. This time, they were to sabotage the Malchiorian fleet.