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Name: Sei-Sei-Due
Origin: Unknown, Nefelpitou's homeworld.
Type: Interactive Toy
Trade Status: Legal

The device known as Sei-Sei-Due - Among other names, apparently - Is a toy that Nefelpitou has said is very popular on his homeworld. It is valued for providing an in-depth interactive experience.


With a mainly dark red body, it has six levers of different colors (Red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple), six buttons with different animals (Wolf, tiger, sparrow, bull, bear, and fish), and finally, some kind of holographic projector on top.


By pulling a lever, pressing a button, and repeating the process once more, the toy is activated. The projector generates a hologram of the two animals of the buttons pressed, each with a color designated by the lever that was pulled before that. Every combination produces a unique personality, and the two holograms interact with each other as well as the user(s).


  • Sei-Sei-Due means "Six-Six-Two" in Italian.