Sefer Yetzirah (RBU)

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Sefer Yetzirah
11th July 21 BR
Love Interests
Lilith Heyerdahl
Arizal Yetzirah
    Biological Father (Deceased)
Akari Shingen
    Adoptive Father (Deceased)
Evangelise Yetzirah
Lance of Astraea,
Lance of Avalon
Long Shortman,
Lilith Heyerdahl
Home Reality

Sefer Yetzirah was a young and mysterious woman. She was the Emperor of the Takemikazuchi Empire, and one of the most powerful psychic entities to ever exist.

Sefer is one of the main characters in BZPB Reborn, and is both the youngest member, and the only female member of the primary cast. Neither an outright villain or a clear-cut hero, Sefer is one of the more morally grey characters in the RPG; whilst her outwardly pacifistic ideals and the near-utopian state she created and protects suggest her to be a moral and benevolent individual, her unclear personal motivations, the mystery surrounding her accession to the position of Emperor, and her firm belief that the ends always justify the means hint at a darker side of her character.

After the events of BZPB Reborn, Sefer, Veras, and Dallas Dalton fought against Arc Blair during the Sixth Arc Crusade. When Sefer's daughter Evangelise was turned against her, Sefer chose to sacrifice herself by allowing Evangelise to impale her on the Lance of Astraea. In doing so, Sefer channelled her life force through the spear, creating a tear in the space-time continuum that Blair and Evangelise were sucked into and forever banished from the Reborn Universe. Due to the unstable nature of the spacetime around the galactic core, the timeline was retroactively altered after Sefer's sacrifice, so that it appeared as if the sixth crusade had never happened. Sefer, however, was not returned to life by this effect, nor was anyone else who died in the final battle itself.



Sefer had pale skin, with grey-silver hair, and red eyes. She was of average height, with a slender build, and was fairly flatchested. Sefer could probably be considered fairly attractive, though in no way conventionally beautiful. She was almost permanently seen with dark circles under her eyes, primarily as a result of sleep deprivation.

Sefer primarily wore baggy, loose-fitting, low-effort clothing such as ponchos and jumpers, usually in dark colors such as black and purple, and often paired with a pair of black leggings.


Sefer was intelligent, charismatic and collected, with a serious demeanor which belied her youthful appearance. This, combined with her confidence, was a major part of her success as leader of the Takemikazuchi. Generally, she was much more sociable and relaxed around her friends, especially her girlfriend, Lilith Heyerdahl. She could be manipulative, preferring subtle persuasion, and firmly believed that a few well-placed words could affect the outcome of any situation. Sefer did not allow her personal feelings or emotions to get in the way of her goals, to the extent that she would happily tolerate sexism or racism directed at her if it suited her ulterior motives. However, she would not tolerate any abuse towards her friends - especially Lilith.

Sefer was a Spacenoid, having been born aboard the starship Merkava. She didn't experience terrestrial gravity until she was already a teenager, having lived her entire life in the gravity-less environment of space, and only occasionally experiencing the artificial gravity of stations and ships which had it enabled. She didn't like the feeling of true gravity, and prefers to be in space.

Sefer was a homosexual.


Early Life[edit]

Sefer was born in 21 BR. Her mother died in childbirth, and she was raised solely by her father, Arizal Yetzirah. Her father had been a poor merchant but had risen to the position of Advisor and close personal friend to the Emperor, Akari Shingen. Sefer was incredibly quiet, even as a newborn, rarely - if ever - crying, a trait she retained through her childhood as a silent, mysterious and somewhat unsettling demeanor. She was also extremely well behaved and independent, requiring little attention or upkeep. Sefer was somewhat antisocial, rarely trying to make friends.

Four years after she was born, in 17 BR, Emperor Shingen's wife and son died in a freak traffic accident, leaving him heirless. Fearing a coup d'etat by anti-imperial forces who would exploit the situation to portray the administration as ineffective, Shingen adopted Sefer, making her his sole heir. Sefer had little trouble adjusting to her new lifestyle in the imperial palace.

Two years after this, in 15 BR, Arizal Yetzirah died. He was given a state funeral, which marked one of Sefer's first public appearances.

In 5 BR, Akari Shingen died. At the age of 15, Sefer became Emperor of the Takemikazuchi empire. Her immediate accession to the throne sparked mass controversy due to her young age and perceived inexperience, but she almost immediately put the fears of the populace to rest by initiating mass reforms of the empire that almost completely eliminated poverty and unemployment. Having earned the adoration of the people, Sefer continued to improve the standard of living within the Empire, whilst simultaneously cementing the Empire's position in galactic politics. In 2 BR Sefer increased the powers of Parliament and, by extension, the Prime Minister of the Takemikazuchi Empire, allowing Long Shortman to take over from her when he was elected the following year. Whilst Sefer ceased to play such a pivotal role in the internal politics of the Empire, she had become an icon of the people, with approval ratings that often spiked into the triple digits.


Edward Allman[edit]

Edward Allman, also known as Blackout, was one of Sefer's primary enemies. Sefer believed their ideologies and personalities were fundamentally incompatible, and that conflict between the two was entirely inevitable. However, she did not want to fight Allman, and their first meeting consisted of her effectively telling him to stay away from her and the Takemikazuchi Empire, to prevent them from having any reason to fight one another.

Dallas Dalton[edit]

Sefer and Dallas first met after an unsuccessful conference between Sefer and Edward Allman; Dallas had snuck into the compound to ensure the negotiations went as smoothly as possible, and to make sure Sefer didn't "fuck up [the] meeting". Dallas claimed not to be Sefer's "biggest fan" but implied that he preferred her to Allman; Sefer suggested she found Dallas "intriguing", primarily due to her inability to fully read his mind. The two quickly understood they shared similar goals, even if their ideals differed; Sefer left Dallas a hairpin which would supposedly grant him access to Shangri-La if he required her assistance. Sefer promised that if Dallas was capable of starting a war between Ascheron Kingdom Demesnes and the Tanari Confederation, he would have earned himself a very valuable ally.

Despite the obvious tension between the two - one of whom is a warmongering idealist, the other being a pacifistic realistic - the two had a lighthearted, almost flirtatious rapport. In addition, though they only met once, Sefer developed a nickname for Dallas; "Space Oddity".

Lilith Heyerdahl[edit]

Sefer's girlfriend. The two had a loving relationship and were fiercely loyal to one another. Lilith was an emotive, out-going influence on the otherwise introverted Sefer, and she is responsible for the emergence of many of Sefer's more amiable personality traits.

Long Shortman[edit]

As Prime Minister of the Takemikazuchi Empire, and the second most powerful person in it after Sefer herself, the two were well acquainted. In spite of her inherent dislike of politicians, Sefer and Shortman had an amiable working relationship, bordering on friendship.

Equipment & Assets[edit]

Though Sefer possessed an extensive arsenal of weapons at her disposal, she very rarely actually used any of them; she preferred using her psychic abilities as her primary means of combat. As such, it would be uncommon for her to use any of the following weapons, though they did exist for her to use should the need arise.

The Lances[edit]

The twin Lances of Astraea and Avalon are Sefer's primary weapons, and were created using the Fruit of Life. Due to the massive power they contain, they are unable to be teleported, severely hindering Sefer's mobility whilst using them. They can be drawn from and sent to any given subreality at will, but this takes a few seconds, rendering it an unusable technique in combat.

The Lance of Astraea[edit]

The Lance of Astraea is one of the two Lances created by Sefer from the Fruit of Life. As such, it is an immensely powerful weapon. The Lance of Astraea's signature ability is to create immense quantities of energy ex nihilo, defying the laws of thermodynamics and purposing itself as one of the most powerful weapons in existence. The Lance can generate an energy blast equivalent in power to a nuclear weapon in just a few seconds; the resulting discharge is known as the Astraea Blast, and was Sefer's most powerful single technique.

The Lance of Avalon[edit]

The Lance of Avalon is the other Lance created by Sefer. As opposed to its sister, the Lance of Avalon has the ability to destroy practically anything that comes into contact with it - be it matter, energy, or even the fabric of space-time. Therefore, whilst the Lance of Astraea is one of the most powerful ranged weapons in existence, the Lance of Avalon is undoubtedly one of the most powerful close-quarters weapons; it can cut through any armor or defense, and the wounds it leaves can never heal.

The Fruit of Life[edit]

Sefer possessed the Fruit of Life. It is currently inert due to being used to summon the twin Lances of Astraea and Avalon, but is still able to confer its evolutionary enhancements via proximity.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Sefer relied on her abilities & powers for the majority of her tasks; her psychic abilities were central to both her role as Emperor of the Takemikazuchi, and her own personal identity, whilst her teleportation technique was a signature ability of hers. She preferred to fight with the following abilities, as opposed to the weapons listed above.

It is important to note Sefer possessed very little mana, if any at all. She could not cast spells and, in turn, was very weak to them. Arguably, this was her primary weakness.


  • Astral Projection - Sefer's psychic prowess was such that she did not necessarily need a physical body to sustain her consciousness, and as such she could leave and enter her body at will.
    • Possession - Having left her body, her consciousness could also inhabit the bodies of others, either partially or (more likely) fully suppressing the host's consciousness.
  • Mind Access - Sefer could access the minds of others.
    • Mind Reading - Sefer could read the thoughts and intentions of others.
    • Mind Alteration - She could also wipe or alter the memories, thoughts or perceptions of other people.
    • Mind Control - Taking this a step further, she could suppress their free will, and control their body as an extension of her own.
  • Telekinesis - Sefer could move objects - or simply exert physical force - with her mind.
    • Flight - She could also fly using Telekinesis.
    • Outrider Control - Her psychic ability allowed her to control vast numbers of Outriders with a high level of precision.
  • Psychic Awareness - Sefer had an innate understanding of any physical location she found herself in, as well as knowing the locations of everyone around her at any given time. As such, she could not be snuck up on or ambushed.
  • Pressure - Sefer emanated a small amount of psychic pressure which she was unable to control (but could mask). It reflected her current feelings and influenced those around her - her enemies would find her more intimidating, whilst her allies would be more willing and likely to trust her.
  • Mind Attacks - Though she was reluctant to inflict pain or damage on others, Sefer could directly damage the minds of others, ranging from giving them a severe, disabling headache, to leaving them completely brain-dead.


  • Teleportation - Sefer's teleportation technique was extremely refined, and she could teleport vast distances with ease, as well as teleporting in difficult situations and through sub-planes of reality.
  • Energy Blasts - Like many combatants in the BZPB Omniverse, Sefer could fire nondescript blasts of energy from her hands.

Fruit of Life Enhancements[edit]

Due to exposure to the Fruit of Life, Sefer's body received a few enhancements. Known ones include:

  • The ability to breathe in the vacuum of space.
  • The ability to breathe underwater.
  • The ability to regenerate wounds within a few hours.


  • Sefer Yetzirah translates to "Book of Creation" in Hebrew, and refers to the earliest extant text on Jewish esoteric lore. The authorship of the book is traditionally ascribed to Abraham.
  • Sefer prefers male titles over female titles - for example, she preferred to be called Lord over Lady. As such, she is titled as Emperor of the Takemikazuchi empire, as opposed to Empress.
  • Despite both Sefer and her Original RPG Counterpart being intended as serious characters, the BZPB Skype Chat portrays Sefer as a much less serious (and much more perverted) character. The version of her in Beyond Insanity is inspired by this version of Sefer.